Understanding the Bagua: Feng Shui’s Blueprint for Harmonising Your Home


Feng Shui has been embraced globally for its approach to creating harmonious living and working environments.

In Singapore, feng shui has not only been widely accepted but has also become an integral part of architectural planning and interior design. In fact, the very iconic Marina Bay Sands complex has been designed following feng shui principles to bring wealth and prosperity.

In addition, many businesses and homeowners in the city-state consult Feng Shui masters before making any significant property decisions, believing in its power to attract good fortune and ward off negative energies.

That said, at the heart of feng shui is the Bagua, a unique tool that helps people understand the energies of different spaces. By understanding and applying the Bagua, one can bring balance, prosperity, and positive energy into their home.

What is the Bagua?

The Bagua, translated as “eight areas,” is a map or grid that reflects the eight essential life areas and the balance of Yin and Yang energies. This map is made up of eight guas (areas) surrounding a central one, which represents health or overall well-being. Each gua represents a unique aspect of life and has its corresponding element, colour, and area of the home.

The Eight Guas and Their Meanings

1.     Zhen (Family)

  • Element: Yang Wood
  • Colour: Green
  • Image in Nature: Thunder
  • Area: Left side of your home when aligned with the main entrance.

Zhen stands for new beginnings and growth, much like a tree growing upwards. It’s primarily associated with familial bonds and relationships. Enhancing this area can lead to better family relations, understanding among siblings, and ancestral connection.

2.     Xun (Wealth and Prosperity)

  • Element: Yin Wood
  • Colour: Purple
  • Image in Nature: Wind
  • Area: Upper left corner of your home when aligned with the main entrance.

Xun is not just about material wealth but also about overall abundance in one’s life. It covers prosperity, financial stability, and blessings. To enhance wealth luck and opportunities, focus on this section of your home.

3.     Qian (Helpful People and Travel)

  • Element: Yang metal
  • Colour: Gray or metallic colours
  • Image in Nature: Heaven
  • Area: Upper right corner when aligned with the main entrance.

This area is associated with receiving help when needed, whether through mentors, advisers, or simply the kindness of strangers. It also relates to travelling and the benefits that come from exploring new places.

4.     Dui (Children and Creativity)

  • Element: Yin metal
  • Colour: White
  • Image in Nature: Lake
  • Area: Right side of your home when aligned with the main entrance.

This gua governs creativity, joy, and the legacy one leaves behind. It is also closely related to children and the youthful joy and creativity they bring into our lives.

5.     Gen (Knowledge and Self-Cultivation)

  • Element: Yang Earth
  • Colour: Dark blue or black
  • Image in Nature: Mountain
  • Area: Lower left corner when aligned with the main entrance.

This gua covers the realm of personal growth, spiritual development, and education. It covers the wisdom that we accumulate throughout our lives and how we grow and evolve from our experiences. By activating this gua, you help yourself to improve your skillfulness in all that you do.

6.     Kan (Career)

  • Element: Water
  • Colour: Black
  • Image in Nature: Water
  • Area: Top area of your home when aligned with the main entrance.

This gua represents life’s journey and one’s career path. It signifies the flow of life, the choices we make, and our direction. It also governs our ambitions and how we navigate our professional lives.

7.     Li (Fame and Reputation)

  • Element: Fire
  • Colour: Red
  • Image in Nature: Fire
  • Area: The area opposite the main entrance

Li represents how the world perceives you. It’s about personal fame, reputation, and social status. Enhancing this area can lead to recognition, respect, and a positive reputation.

8.     Kun (Love and Marriage)

  • Element: Yin Earth
  • Colour: Pink
  • Image in Nature: Earth
  • Area: Upper centre area when aligned with the main entrance.

Governing romantic relationships, marriage, and partnerships, this gua emphasizes deep connections, mutual respect, and love. It is also about harmony, understanding, and balance between partners.

The central area, known as Tai Qi, relates to health and overall well-being and is influenced by all surrounding guas.

How to Apply the Bagua in Your Home:

Determine Your Home’s Orientation:

Begin by sketching a floor plan of your home. Locate the main entrance – this is crucial since the bagua is applied with the main door as the reference point.

Overlay the Bagua

Superimpose the bagua map onto your home’s floor plan. Align the bottom of the bagua (the Career area) with the front entrance. This will guide you in determining which areas of your home correspond to each gua.

Balance the Energies

Enhance each gua by introducing its corresponding colours and elements. For instance, the wealth area can be boosted with purple elements or wooden items while the fame area can be activated by adding light fixtures or candles to bring in more fire elements.

In addition, decluttering your space as a tidy area will allow positive energy to flow freely.

Lastly, if your home doesn’t perfectly fit the bagua, this means you have missing areas. To remedy this, you can use mirrors, plants, or lights to energetically extend the space.

Personalise Your Space

While the bagua provides general guidelines, your home should resonate with your personal energy and style. Add personal touches that reflect your aspirations in each gua. For example, if you’re seeking a new relationship, place paired items or romantic symbols in the love and marriage area.

Final Thoughts

The Bagua is a potent feng shui tool designed to bring harmony, balance, and positive energy flow into your living spaces.

By understanding the bagua’s principles and aligning your home with its guidance, you pave the way for health, happiness, and prosperity.

So, grab a bagua map and start your journey towards a harmonized home today.



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