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When seeking optimal athletic performance and injury prevention, a sports massage therapist in Singapore can be a pivotal ally. Singapore, known for its vibrant sports culture, hosts a plethora of skilled sports massage therapists. This article aims to guide you through the top clinics where these experts blend their deep understanding of sports physiology with tailored massage techniques. Whether you’re a professional athlete or a fitness enthusiast, these clinics offer bespoke therapies that cater to your specific athletic needs, aiding in recovery, enhancing performance, and ensuring overall well-being. Let’s explore the best Singapore has to offer in sports massage therapy.

What is a sports massage therapist?

A sports massage therapist is a specialized practitioner skilled in delivering massage treatments specifically tailored to individuals engaged in physical activity or sports. Here are some key aspects of their role:

  • Training and Skills: These therapists are trained in understanding anatomy, physiology, and the demands of various sports. They possess knowledge of specific massage techniques designed to support athletic performance and recovery.
  • Injury Prevention and Recovery: They play a crucial role in injury prevention, assisting athletes in maintaining optimal muscular condition. This can include techniques to reduce muscle tension and improve flexibility.
  • Event Preparation and Recovery: These therapists often work at sporting events, providing pre-event massages to prepare muscles for the strain of activity, and post-event massages to aid in the recovery process.
  • Communication and Education: They communicate effectively with athletes, coaches, and healthcare providers. Educating clients about muscle care, body mechanics, and relaxation techniques is also a part of their job.
  • Tailored Approach: Each session is tailored to the individual’s sport, level of activity, and any specific issues or injuries. This customized approach helps in addressing the unique demands placed on an athlete’s body.
  • Collaboration with Healthcare Professionals: Often, sports massage therapists work in collaboration with other healthcare professionals like physiotherapists, sports doctors, and trainers to provide a holistic approach to an athlete’s health and well-being.

In summary, sports massage therapists are essential in the athletic world, offering specialized care that supports athletic performance, aids in recovery, and assists in injury prevention.

What’s the difference between a sports massage and a normal massage?

The primary difference between a sports massage and a regular massage lies in their purpose, techniques employed, and the targeted clientele they cater to.

  • Purpose and Intention: Sports massages are specifically geared towards athletes or individuals engaged in rigorous physical activities. Their primary aim is to address sports-related injuries, enhance athletic performance, aid in recovery, and prevent injuries. Conversely, a regular or traditional massage focuses on relaxation, stress relief, and general well-being. While both types promote relaxation, sports massages emphasize therapeutic benefits tailored to the demands of athletic training or sports participation.
  • Techniques Used: Sports massages incorporate various specialized techniques such as deep tissue massage, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy. These methods target specific muscle groups, release tension, improve flexibility, and alleviate pain commonly associated with sports-related strains or injuries. In contrast, traditional massages typically involve more generalized techniques, focusing on kneading, rubbing, and applying pressure to relax muscles and improve circulation without the emphasis on sports-specific issues.
  • Clientele and Context: Sports massages are typically sought by athletes or individuals engaged in physically demanding activities seeking performance enhancement, injury prevention, or rehabilitation. Regular massages, on the other hand, cater to a broader clientele seeking relaxation, stress relief, or relief from everyday muscle tension and discomfort.

While both types of massages offer therapeutic benefits, the key distinction lies in their focus, techniques employed, and the specific needs they address. Sports massages prioritize addressing the unique demands of athletes, aiding in recovery, enhancing performance, and preventing sports-related injuries, while regular massages primarily emphasize relaxation and general well-being.


Physio & Sole Clinic

Physio & Sole Clinic

At Physio & Sole Clinic, sports massage therapy is a specialized service tailored to both athletes and active individuals. The therapy focuses on areas of the body that endure repetitive and often aggressive movements, employing a range of techniques from gentle strokes to deeper manual methods. It aims to enhance flexibility, reduce fatigue, improve endurance, and prepare the body and mind for peak performance. This therapy is not just limited to athletes; it is beneficial for anyone engaged in regular physical activities, helping to decrease muscle stiffness, increase mobility, and reduce injury risks.

The practitioners at Physio & Sole Clinic bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to their sports massage therapy services. The team includes a sports massage therapist with over 20 years of experience, trained under notable instructors in various massage techniques including myofascial release and orthopaedic massage. There are also highly qualified musculoskeletal physiotherapists with extensive backgrounds in sports and movement, as well as relevant education and skills.

Clients consistently express high satisfaction with the sports massage therapy services received. They highlight the friendly and professional nature of the therapists, who not only provide effective treatments but also educate clients on exercises to aid in recovery and injury prevention. The expertise of the therapists, particularly in identifying and alleviating problem areas, is frequently praised. Many clients note significant improvements in their conditions, attributing this success to the dedicated and skillful approach of the clinic’s staff.


  • 45-minute sports massage therapy sessions start at $180


  • Punggol: 9 Sentul Crescent, SAFRA Punggol, #04-08, Singapore 828654
  • Bukit Timah: 170 Upp Bukit Timah Road, #09-02 Bukit Timah Shopping Centre, Singapore 588179
  • Kovan: 208 Hougang Street 21, #03-217,223, Singapore 530208
  • Jurong: 21 Jurong Gateway Road, CPF Jurong Building Entrance C, #03-07, Singapore 608546
  • Kembangan: 18 Jalan Masjid, Kembangan Plaza,  #02-04, Singapore 418944
  • Yishun: 807 Yishun Ring Road, #01-4199, Singapore 760807
  • Tampines: Tampines St 23, #02-96 Blk 201E, Singapore 527201
  • East Gate @ Katong: 46 East Coast Road, EastGate @ Katong, #07-03, Singapore 428766
  • Orchard: 545 Orchard Road, #08-07A Far East Shopping Centre, Singapore 238882




UFIT offers an extensive range of massage therapy services, focusing on addressing the source of issues with various techniques. Each session involves a comprehensive assessment of movement, function, and pain, ensuring a tailored approach to treat a diverse clientele. From sports enthusiasts needing performance enhancement to pre-and post-natal mothers seeking pain management, UFIT caters to athletes and individuals dealing with chronic pain in neck, back, hips, or legs.

The practitioners at UFIT possess diverse qualifications and extensive experience in physiotherapy and massage therapy. They include senior physiotherapists with backgrounds in personal training and working with elite athletes, specializing in gait patterns, pediatric orthopedics, and chronic pain management. Additionally, there are physiotherapists with expertise in strength sports, aiming to optimize clients’ rehabilitation goals and enhance their performance. The team also includes a massage therapist who transitioned from a marketing career to focus on the benefits of sports massage, especially for runners.

Clients commend UFIT’s sports massage therapy services, highlighting the practitioners’ expertise, personalized approach, and dedication to identifying root causes. They appreciate the thoroughness of assessments, personalized treatment plans, and the therapists’ ability to switch between strengthening and pain management based on the client’s needs. The compassionate and knowledgeable approach of the practitioners at UFIT receives praise, making them a trusted choice for physiotherapy and rehabilitation needs.

Price: Contact UFIT for a customized treatment and pricing plan


  • Club Street: 21 Club St, #01-01, Singapore 069410
  • Orchard: 181 Orchard Road, #06-11 Orchard Central, Singapore 238896
  • One-North: 1 Fusionopolis Pl, #01 – 02, Singapore 138632
  • City Hall: 80 Bras Basah Road, Singapore 189560

Core Concepts

Core Concepts

Core Concepts in Singapore offers a range of specialized sports massage therapy services tailored to various needs. Whether it’s easing ergonomic aches or aiding in the recovery of active individuals, their treatments focus on reducing muscle tension, enhancing performance, and promoting faster recovery post-workout. These outcome-based massages involve a thorough assessment to pinpoint and address specific problem areas, ensuring a more targeted approach for each individual.

Their team of seasoned practitioners brings a wealth of experience and qualifications to the table. From specialists in musculoskeletal conditions to those focusing on spinal health, their practitioners boast degrees from reputable universities and extensive work in both private practices and renowned hospitals across different countries. The team is also affiliated with respected professional associations, showcasing their commitment to staying updated with the latest advancements in their field.

Core Concepts is renowned for its professional and effective sports massage therapy services, set in a well-designed and conveniently located clinic. The skilled therapists are praised for their thorough and attentive treatment of joint weaknesses, stiff heels, shoulder, and neck pains, providing immediate relief and improvements. Clients appreciate the relaxing and pain-free results, along with the clinic’s friendly and accommodating atmosphere.


  • $120.00 for a 60-minute sports massage therapy session
  • $137.00 for a 60-minute sports massage therapy session with a senior massage therapist

Location: 6 Raffles Quay, #11-01, Singapore 048580

Aylwin Sports Therapy

Aylwin Sports Therapy

Aylwin Sports Therapy provides a tailored 45-minute sports therapy session, focusing on muscle manipulation, tension release, and recovery enhancement. Specializing in sports massage, the therapy effectively addresses musculoskeletal pain and is ideal for athletes needing rapid recovery. Key benefits include reduced muscle tension, improved performance recovery, and increased blood circulation. Assessments are conducted prior to each session, ensuring targeted and intense treatment with a commitment to maintaining 100% hygiene using hospital-grade disinfectants and UV sterilizers.

The practitioners at Aylwin Sports Therapy possess diverse backgrounds, with the founder transitioning from competitive sprinting and a military career to sports coaching and massage therapy. They bring extensive experience, including IASTM, dry cupping, and CIBTEC qualifications. Jason Lee, a key therapist, specializes in myofascial release and has comprehensive training, ranging from Holistic Massage Level 3 to Anatomy Trains. His expertise caters to the specific needs of those involved in sports and physical activities, focusing on muscle immobility and pain treatment.

Aylwin Sports Therapy excels in providing sports massage therapy with a focus on addressing muscle tensions and joint issues. Aylwin, known for his patient and friendly approach, performs comprehensive treatments that relieve muscle tension and stiffness. His detailed assessments and personalized treatments, including techniques like dry cupping and IASTM clinical, contribute to effective therapy sessions. Clients frequently commend Aylwin for his skill in relieving pain and recommend his therapy to sports enthusiasts and individuals seeking muscle and pain relief.


Single Session Treatments:

  • $100 for 60 minutes of Basic Sports Massage + Stretch Therapy
  • $150 for 60 minutes of Sports Myofascial Therapy
  • $120 for 45 minutes of The Complete (IASTM + Sports Massage + Clinical Dry Cupping for upper or lower body only)
  • $180 for 55 minutes of The Royal (Full Body Treatment including IASTM, Sports Massage & Dry Cupping)
  • $95 for 55 minutes of The Royal at special student/NSF rates
  • $80 for 45 minutes of The Complete at special student/NSF rates

Package Deals:

  • $360 for the Basic Package (4 sessions of 60min Basic Sports Massage), valid for 180 days
  • $520 for the Myofascial Package (4 sessions of 60min Sports Myofascial Therapy), valid for 180 days
  • $600 for the Royal Package (4 full-body sessions), valid for 180 days
  • $360 for the Royal Package at special student/NSF rates, valid for 180 days
  • $400 for the Complete Package (4 upper or lower body sessions), valid for 180 days
  • $300 for the Complete Package at special student/NSF rates, valid for 180 days

Location: 20 Kramat Lane , #04-04, United House Orchard, Singapore 228773

Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio

Singapore Physio provides a range of massage therapies, including sports, relaxation, prenatal massages, and stretch therapy, combining Swedish, remedial, and sports oil massage techniques. These therapies are designed to balance the musculoskeletal system, aid muscle recovery, and relieve tension in key areas such as the shoulders, neck, and back. They are effective for treating conditions like calf muscle pain, headaches, lower back pain, and neck pain. The clinic prioritizes hygiene, employing hospital-grade disinfectants and UV sterilizers.

The team at Singapore Physio comprises internationally trained physiotherapists with specializations in knees, shoulders, spinal injuries, and post-operative orthopedic rehabilitation. Their qualifications include advanced degrees in physiotherapy and certifications in specialized areas such as bike fitting and osteopathic manual therapy. They have diverse clinical experiences, working with elite athletes and professional sports teams, and are committed to continuous professional development. This varied background enables them to provide high-quality, personalized care to their clients.

Clients of Singapore Physio have lauded the clinic for its effective treatments, comfortable environment, and the professionalism of its therapists. They particularly appreciate the comprehensive treatment for shoulder and knee injuries, including ACL tears, provided by therapists like Dong and Joe. The personalized care, detailed treatment plans, and empathetic approach of the therapists have significantly aided in client recovery. The clinic’s state-of-the-art facilities and thorough follow-up care are also frequently praised, contributing to the positive client experience.

Price: Contact Singapore Physio for rates


  • Camden Medical Clinic: 1 Orchard Boulevard, #06-09 Camden Medical Centre, Singapore 248649
  • Tanglin Trust Clinic: 95 Portsdown Road, #6F Centenary Building, Singapore 139299

In Touch Physiotherapy

In Touch Physiotherapy

In Touch Physiotherapy specializes in sports massage therapy, targeting chronic pain, sports injuries, and physical fatigue. Their sessions utilize techniques like deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, and myofascial release, suited for athletes and those with injury or overuse issues. The therapy adopts a holistic approach, focusing on the whole individual rather than just addressing symptoms.

The practitioners at In Touch Physiotherapy are highly qualified with diverse specializations in physiotherapy and sports injury rehabilitation. They bring extensive clinical experience from various medical settings and hold certifications in dry needling, manual therapy, clinical Pilates, and sports massage. Many of them also have personal sports backgrounds, providing practical insights into sports-related injuries. Their commitment to continuous learning and research-based treatments allows for personalized and effective patient care.

In Touch Physiotherapy is renowned for its excellent sports massage therapy services, with therapists who are known for their professionalism and patient-centered approach. They provide precise assessments, clear explanations, and personalized treatment plans, including dry needling and release massages. Clients report significant improvements in chronic pain, mobility, and strength, attributing their recovery to the therapists’ guidance. The clinic’s welcoming atmosphere further cements its reputation as a top choice for comprehensive physiotherapy care.

Price: Contact In Touch Physiotherapy for rates

Location: 22 Malacca Street, #14-02 RB Capital Building, Singapore 048980

TSquared Lab

TSquared Lab

TSquared Lab provides specialized Sports Massage designed for athletes and those needing targeted relief. Their therapy focuses on tension release, aches easing, recovery acceleration, and re-energization, offering both full-body and focused treatments. The massage is beneficial for various groups, including athletes, seniors, and individuals with muscle injuries or fatigue, targeting chronic issues, aiding recovery, and improving posture and wellness.

The TSquared Lab team features skilled practitioners with diverse expertise in sports therapy, including joint mobilization, active isolated stretching, and myofascial cupping for rehabilitation. Some members combine strength and conditioning with manual therapy for holistic health management. Their proficiency extends to injury management using exercise prescription and manual therapy. The team’s qualifications encompass Bachelor’s degrees in Kinesiology and Athletic Therapy, and certifications in sports coaching and specialized therapies, highlighting their comprehensive skills in sports therapy and rehabilitation.

TSquared Lab is recognized for its outstanding sports massage therapy. Clients commend their personalized approach, effective treatments, and welcoming environment. The clinic’s knowledgeable therapists provide expert guidance for pain relief and mobility improvement. Praised for its efficiency, well-equipped facilities, and plans for expansion, TSquared Lab is a top choice for quality sports therapy and physiotherapy services in Singapore.

Price: Contact TSquared Lab for rates


  • TSquared Lab HarbourFront: 991F Alexandra Road, Singapore 119974
  • TSquared Lab Raffles Place: 30 Raffles Place, #22F, Singapore 048622



AMP Lab in Singapore provides excellent sports massage therapy services, focusing on muscle soreness relief, enhanced circulation, and recovery aid. Their deep tissue sports therapy addresses joint stiffness, muscle tightness, and injury risks, using deep pressure techniques to improve blood circulation, reduce recovery time, increase flexibility, and mobilize scar tissue. The therapy is personalized to meet individual needs, aiming to eliminate chronic stiffness and soreness within 4-8 sessions. AMP Lab stands out for its non-invasive, effective solutions for muscular tension and mobility issues.

The practitioners at AMP Lab have a rich blend of experience and qualifications in sports therapy and fitness. Their expertise ranges from coaching elite athletes to lecturing in areas such as exercise prescription and coaching science. Some of them specialize in treating spine and peripheral conditions, utilizing techniques like myofascial work, dry needling, and clinical Pilates. This combination of private healthcare experience and academic knowledge enables them to effectively tackle issues like chronic stiffness and muscle soreness, and to improve overall mobility.

AMP Lab offers high-quality sports massage therapy and physiotherapy services. Cherie Tan, a skilled physiotherapist, specializes in treating shoulder, back, foot, and ankle issues, employing techniques like dry needling and personalized exercises. Clients appreciate her dedication, diagnostic skills, and tailored treatments that lead to significant improvements. AMP Lab’s comprehensive care, including tailored strength and conditioning programs, makes it highly recommended for athletes needing effective recovery solutions.

Price: $195 for a 60-minute sports massage therapy session

Location: 79 Anson Road, Unit 22-01, Singapore 079906


BMJ Physiotherapy

BMJ Physiotherapy

BMJ Physiotherapy specializes in sports massage therapy, focusing on releasing trigger points, easing muscle soreness, and reducing tightness. Their technique, beneficial for active individuals and office workers, involves deep muscle and fascia releases to enhance recovery and prevent injuries. It is particularly effective for postural muscle tightness and associated neck discomfort.

The team at BMJ Physiotherapy offers extensive experience and expertise in physiotherapy and rehabilitation, specializing in areas such as knee rehabilitation, orthopaedic conditions, sports injuries, and musculoskeletal conditions. Each member brings over a decade of experience, contributing to a broad and diverse range of skills in physiotherapy. Their comprehensive expertise ensures effective treatment and specialized care in various aspects of sports therapy and rehabilitation.

BMJ Physiotherapy is commended for its effective recovery programs, personalized care, and professional approach. Clients appreciate the team’s dedication to creating tailored treatment plans and guiding them through recovery, including post-surgery rehabilitation and sports injury management. The therapists’ expertise, personalized attention, and commitment to patient well-being are highlighted in numerous positive testimonials, making BMJ Physiotherapy a top recommendation for sports therapy and rehabilitation.


  • $105 for a 60-minute sports massage therapy session
  • $145 for a 90-minute sports massage therapy session


  • Marine Parade: 1 Marine Parade Central Parkway Center, #06-03, Singapore 449408
  • Tampines: 3 Tampines Central 1, Tampines Plaza 1, #06-05, Singapore 529540
  • Kovan: Blk 204 Hougang St.21 Kovan City, #01-103, Singapore 530204
  • Ang Mo Kio: Blk 727, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 6, #01-4254, Singapore 560727
  • Kallang: 1 Stadium Place, Kallang Wave Mall @ Sports Hub Kallang, #01-79, Singapore 397628
  • Orchard: 435 Orchard Road,  Wisma Atria Office Tower, Level 11.  Regus Serviced Offices, Rm 1120, Singapore 238877
  • Raffles Place: 9 Raffles Place, Republic Plaza 1, Level 58 City Serviced Offices, Room 8, Singapore 048619

The Physio Circle

The Physio Circle

At The Physio Circle, sports massage is a vital service for those with discomfort and tension from daily activities, effectively alleviating pain and improving blood flow and sporting performance. Clients often experience better sleep following therapy sessions. The clinic focuses on empowering individuals through active rehabilitation, patient-centered practice, and exercise-based rehabilitation, aiming for long-term well-being and recovery.

The Physio Circle team features AHPC-certified physiotherapists with a wealth of experience and diverse academic backgrounds, including Bachelor and Masters degrees in Clinical Physiotherapy. Their specializations encompass sports physiotherapy and post-operative knee rehabilitation, among other areas. The team is further strengthened by a Strength & Conditioning Coach with a degree in Sports Science and Management, adding a research-oriented approach to fitness.

Clients report positive outcomes from their sports massage therapy. They highlight the therapists’ professionalism and the effectiveness of personalized treatment plans. These therapies have led to significant recovery, especially in ACL injuries and sciatica. The clinic’s supportive environment and expert guidance are highly valued in clients’ rehabilitation and overall health progress.

Price: Contact The Physio Circle for rates


  • 480 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534515
  • 1 Selegie Road, #03-04 GR.ID Mall, Singapore 188306




Physioconnect@Lakeside offers sports massage therapy services that correct imbalances and address issues from physical activity or trauma. The therapy aims to enhance recovery, improve performance, prevent injuries, and aid in stress management. It focuses on reducing pain, improving joint mobility, enhancing circulation, and alleviating muscular tension.

The professionals at Physioconnect possess a comprehensive blend of qualifications and experience in physiotherapy and sports training. Their educational credentials include a Bachelor (Hons) in Physiotherapy and a diploma in Sports and Exercise Science. They specialize in musculoskeletal and pre/post-operative rehabilitation, with expertise gained over years of practice, including significant experience in orthopaedic conditions.

Physioconnect is well-regarded for its knowledgeable therapists and their association with professional and school sports teams. Clients praise the clinic for its professionalism, thoughtful approach, and tailored sessions that have effectively accelerated recovery from injuries and surgeries. The clinic’s commitment to detailed physio and sports training sessions has led to significant improvements for various clients, making it a recommended choice for sports injury treatments.

Price: Contact Physioconnect for rates

Location: 517 Jurong West Street 52, Singapore 640517




FHYSIO offers a comprehensive range of physiotherapy treatments for various conditions, focusing on holistic therapies for rehabilitation and recovery. Their clinic provides tailored programs targeting spinal, knee, shoulder issues, post-operative care, and more. Using state-of-the-art equipment in a patient-centric environment, they aid in pain relief, sports injury treatment, post-surgical rehabilitation, women’s health, and pediatric care. Their personalized massage therapies—Functional, Hala (håla), and Ya (压)—incorporate Eastern and Western techniques for effective relief and relaxation, customized to individual needs.

The clinic’s practitioners boast diverse qualifications and experiences. Their expertise covers a wide spectrum, addressing spinal stiffness, frozen shoulders, hip tightness, knee pain, and offering manual lymphatic drainage. They excel in tailoring treatments to individual needs, drawing from clinical and sports massage techniques. Specifically attuned to sports-related therapies, they aid athletes in pre and post-event conditioning, rehabilitation, and symptom relief, having worked extensively with athletes across diverse disciplines.

The sports massage therapy at FHYSIO has garnered praise for its effectiveness, professionalism, and relief from various ailments. Clients have highlighted significant improvements, especially mentioning the therapists’ expertise in addressing chronic issues, reducing muscle stiffness, and resolving concerns that previous therapies could not. The attentive and personalized approach from the lead physiotherapist and the massage therapists has left clients feeling confident and relieved, endorsing FHYSIO as a go-to place for pain relief and sports recovery.


  • $160 for a 60-minute sports massage therapy session
  • $210 for a 90-minute sports massage therapy session
  • $270 for a 120-minute sports massage therapy session

Location: Delfi Orchard, 402 Orchard Road, #02-01/02, Singapore 238876

SportsRelief Therapy

SportsRelief Therapy

SportsRelief Therapy offers comprehensive sports massage services designed to aid athletes and physically active individuals in achieving peak performance while preventing injuries. Their sports massage techniques aim to alleviate fatigue, reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility, and enhance overall well-being. Whether for pre-event, post-event, or injury recovery, these massages increase joint range of motion, flexibility, and decrease muscle tension, promoting better sleep and neurological balance.

The practitioners at SportsRelief Therapy bring a wealth of experience and qualifications in sports massage therapy. They are skilled in various techniques, including sports taping, craniofacial therapy, deep tissue massage, and exercise rehabilitation, focusing on injury prevention and rehabilitation for sports-related and general health issues. Holding certifications in sports and holistic massage, they cater to diverse client needs. Their expertise in multiple massage modalities effectively addresses issues such as stress, body aches, limited mobility, and injury recovery.

The exceptional quality of service at SportsRelief Therapy is evident in clients’ experiences, demonstrating professional care from onboarding to treatment. Patients consistently express gratitude for effective treatment processes, with remarks emphasizing the alleviation of pain and discomfort, delivering promised results, and fostering a positive treatment experience, showcasing the therapists’ expertise, professionalism, and dedication to clients’ well-being.

Price: Contact SportsRelief Therapy for rates

Location: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #15-11 Royal Square, Singapore 329565



HelloPhysio offers an array of physiotherapy services emphasizing a team approach for accelerated healing. Their treatments combine manual therapy with cutting-edge adjunct technologies for faster tissue healing and improved mobility, catering to varied musculoskeletal dysfunctions, sports injuries, and post-surgical rehabilitation. Their patient-centric philosophy ensures tailored treatments addressing underlying causes for a speedy recovery, collaborating closely with orthopedic surgeons for comprehensive care.

The practitioners at HelloPhysio boast diverse qualifications and extensive expertise in physiotherapy and sports-related treatments. Their team comprises experienced physiotherapists with Master’s degrees and specialized knowledge in injury prevention, orthopedic rehabilitation, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and pediatric care. Additionally, they include massage therapists, Pilates instructors, and personal trainers adept at sports massage therapy, lymphatic drainage, and strength conditioning.

Clients commend HelloPhysio’s sports massage therapy services, highlighting the exceptional knowledge and skills of their therapists. Patients appreciate the immediate relief and comprehensive care received, citing improvement in mobility, recovery from injuries, and personalized rehabilitation plans. The therapists’ expertise, friendliness, and commitment to educating clients on self-care leave a lasting positive impact, making HelloPhysio a top choice for sports-related injuries and comprehensive rehabilitation.

Price: Contact HelloPhysio for rates


  • Novena: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #10-12 Royal Square, Singapore 329565
  • Raffles Hotel Arcade: 328 North Bridge Road, #02-36 Raffles Hotel Arcade, Singapore 188719

Onsite Health Chiropractic & Physiotherapy

Onsite Health

Onsite Health provides sports massage services to alleviate pain and promote muscular health for individuals at all athletic levels. Their trained therapists specialize in personalized massages for various needs, including stress-related tension and sports event preparation and recovery. These massages are complemented by other treatments like physiotherapy and chiropractic for holistic care.

The practitioners at Onsite Health bring diverse qualifications and extensive experience in physiotherapy and musculoskeletal conditions, having worked in various medical settings. They hold degrees and certifications in physiotherapy, with many specializing in sports medicine, musculoskeletal physiotherapy, and orthopaedic manipulative therapy. Their continuous learning includes certifications in Pilates, sports massage, dry needling, and manual therapy. These professionals have managed a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and have been involved in major sporting events, contributing to their expertise in sports-related injuries.

Onsite Health is highly regarded for its sports massage therapy services, with therapists who are known for their professionalism and patient care. They offer comprehensive assessments, tailored treatments, and exercise guidance for recovery. The clinic is appreciated for its friendly staff, efficient scheduling, and welcoming atmosphere. Clients consistently recommend Onsite Health for their effective treatments in acute pain management and post-surgery recovery, highlighting the therapists’ skill in improving patients’ health and strength.

Price: Contact Onsite Health for rates


  • Novena: 101 Irrawaddy Road, #13-13 Royal Square, Singapore 329565
  • Buona Vista: 11 North Buona Vista Dr Level 8, Unit 9, Tower Two The Metropolis, Singapore 138589


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