Tarot Therapy: Pros and Cons of Tarot Reading to Your Mental Health  

The stress brought on by the pandemic has led some people to turn to an unusual tool: tarot cards.

In fact, it has been reported that psychics and tarot readers saw an uptick in their business during the pandemic as people grapple with uncertainty.

That said, in this post-pandemic world people have stuck with tarot reading as a way to care for their mental health.

Since tarot reading aims to shed light on your current situation to help you chart a better path for yourself, mental health experts have lauded the positive influence of tarot reading. Nevertheless, they also warn people about its negative effects.

Read on to find out the positive and negative effects tarot reading has on your mental health.

Positive Effects:

Tarot card reading can be a helpful tool for improving mental health in a few ways:

1) It can lead to self-discovery

Tarot cards can provide insight into one’s thoughts, feelings, and motivations. As such, it can help people increase their self-awareness and understanding. Thus, helping them find a way toward their best possible selves.

2) It can help solve problems  

Since tarot reading sessions often start with asking a question, it is no surprise that tarot cards can help make decisions by providing guidance on how to handle specific issues or problems. Coupled with a good reader, a reading can offer new perspectives on old problems.

3) It can assist you in making decisions

Since tarot cards can provide insight into potential outcomes of different choices, a reading can help aid people decide which course of action to take. While readings are not always 100% accurate, having the options laid out in front of you can ease the burden of decision-making while also taking stock of which decisions can lead to the best possible outcomes.

4) It can relieve stress and anxiety

Having your cards read or reading your cards yourself can be a form of meditation; a way to clear your mind and calm your nerves. In addition, through the reading, you can clarify your thoughts and feelings so you can better address the root of your anxiety.

5) It can boost your creativity

For those who are feeling stuck or uninspired, tarot cards can provide inspiration and new ideas. Thus, boosting your creativity. Understanding the cards and how they relate to your current predicament does not only need knowledge and intuition but also creativity. This boost in creativity can also translate to other mediums like writing or making music.

6) It can provide clarity and understanding

Tarot reading can give a deeper understanding of one’s thoughts and emotions. As such, a reading can be helpful in identifying and addressing mental health issues.

Negative Effects:

While tarot card reading can have positive benefits for mental health, it is important to be aware of the ways in which it can also have negative effects.

1) It can cause dependence

Some people may become overly reliant on tarot readings to make decisions or find solutions to their problems. This can hamper their own decision-making processes. Likewise, people who are too reliant on readings fail to take personal responsibility for their actions. These can inhibit their own personal growth.

2) It can incite fear and anxiety

When tarot cards seem to indicate negative outcomes, they can cause fear and anxiety. In addition, if the reader is inexperienced or has misinterpreted the reading, it can also lead to confusion and great distress.

3) It can give false hope

Tarot readings can guide you toward a better path. However, mental health professionals warn people of putting too much hope in their readings. This is because it can lead to too much mental stress if the predictions and guidance were inaccurate.

4) It might go against your beliefs

While tarot reading is not really affiliated with any religious or political denomination, when the insights and interpretations of the reader go against your beliefs, it can cause you some stress.

5) Misinterpretation can lead to confusion

The cards have multiple meanings. Each kind of deck has its own meaning as well. Likewise, each reader has a different take on what the deck could mean for them. As such, it is possible to misinterpret them and cause confusion. Likewise, poor reading or an inexperienced reader can lead to confusion, misinterpretation, or even misinformation, which can cause distress.

Final Thoughts

Tarot card reading is a valuable tool for self-discovery, guidance, and personal growth. As such, in can be a way to help you take care of your mental health.

However, it is important to note that tarot reading is not a replacement for any professional therapy or medical treatment.

If readings are causing you distress, please seek professional help!


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