Top 11 Painting Services in Singapore

Exploring the variety of painting services in Singapore reveals a rich tapestry of options catering to diverse aesthetic needs and preferences. This comprehensive guide delves into the multitude of choices available, ranging from residential projects in small apartments to large-scale commercial ventures. It highlights key factors such as quality of paint, expertise of the painters, and the intricate details that differentiate each service. Whether you’re looking to refresh your living space or undertake a complete transformation, understanding the nuances of Singapore’s painting services can significantly influence the outcome of your project.

How much is a paint job in Singapore?

A paint job in Singapore varies in cost depending on several factors, primarily the type and size of the residential unit. The pricing is influenced by the room count in HDB (Housing & Development Board) flats or the square footage in condominiums. Below is a breakdown of the general cost for painting services across different types of homes in Singapore:

  • 2 Room HDB or Condos under 700 sqft: Painting these smaller units typically costs around $1,900. These are usually compact spaces, requiring less paint and labor.
  • 3 Room HDB or 701-900 sqft Condos: For these moderately sized units, the painting service costs about $2,200. The increase in size and possibly the number of rooms adds to the complexity and time required for the job.
  • 4 Room HDB or 901-1100 sqft Condos: Larger HDB flats or condos, covering up to 1100 sqft, are priced at approximately $2,600. The larger area necessitates more paint and more extensive labor.
  • 5 Room HDB or 1101-1300 sqft Condos: These are significantly larger spaces, with the painting service costing around $2,800. The increase in cost correlates with the additional square footage and potential complexity.
  • Executive Apartment or 1301-1400 sqft Condos: Executive apartments or slightly larger condos fall in the range of $3,000. These premium spaces often require detailed work and more materials.
  • Maisonette or Condos over 1400 sqft: The largest of the residential units, such as maisonettes or larger condos, start at $3,150. These are extensive projects, requiring substantial time, labor, and materials.

It’s important to note that these prices are indicative and can vary based on the specific needs of the project, the quality of paint used, and any additional services such as wall repairs, unique textures, or special finishes.

How much does it cost to paint a room in Singapore?

Painting a room in Singapore can vary in cost due to several factors. Here’s a detailed breakdown:

  • Size of the Room: The cost largely depends on the size of the room. A larger room requires more paint and labor, increasing the overall cost.
    • Small Room (up to 150 sq ft): Typically, a small room may cost between SGD $200 to $400.
    • Medium Room (150 to 250 sq ft): For medium-sized rooms, the cost can range from SGD $300 to $500.
    • Large Room (over 250 sq ft): Large rooms can cost upwards of SGD $500 or more.
  • Quality of Paint: The type and quality of paint significantly affect the price. Premium paints with higher durability and better finish are more expensive.
    • Standard Paint: Costs around SGD $10 to $30 per liter.
    • Premium Paint: Can range from SGD $30 to $70 per liter.
  • Labor Costs: Professional painters in Singapore charge based on the size of the room, the complexity of the job, and their experience level.
    • Basic Service: Can range from SGD $150 to $300 per room.
    • Premium Service: For high-end services, expect to pay SGD $300 to $600 or more.
  • Additional Work: Costs can increase if the room requires significant prep work like patching holes, sanding, or dealing with dampness.
  • Incidental Costs: This includes costs for supplies like brushes, rollers, drop cloths, and masking tape.

It’s important to get quotes from several painters and compare their services and prices to ensure you get the best deal. Remember that while it might be tempting to go for the cheapest option, the quality of paint and workmanship can significantly impact the final look and durability of the paint job.

1. FixinGuru


FixinGuru, based in the western part of Singapore, is a handyman and cleaning company known for its reliable and versatile services. They have built a reputation as a trustworthy local provider, offering a broad range of solutions for almost any household need. Their team, comprising experienced handymen and cleaners, has worked in various apartments and houses throughout Singapore. FixinGuru has become a go-to service for many due to the high-quality work they consistently deliver, which often leads to repeat business from satisfied customers.

The company’s painting services are notably diverse, catering to a wide array of needs. They offer standard and touch-up painting services, which are especially beneficial for those looking to revitalize old apartments or prepare rental properties for handover. Recognizing the budget constraints of many clients, FixinGuru provides cost-effective options without compromising on quality. Their standard painting service is comprehensive, covering everything from selecting the right type of paint to the actual application, while their touch-up service is ideal for minor repairs, offering flexibility and efficiency.

Customer feedback for FixinGuru paints a mixed picture. Some customers praise the company for its efficient and tidy work, noting the professionalism and skill of the staff. However, there are also mentions of occasional lapses in communication and follow-up, as well as inconsistencies in the quality of the paint job. Overall, while many find their services slightly pricier than expected, the convenience and overall workmanship often lead customers to consider re-engaging FixinGuru for future tasks.


All prices are inclusive of Nippon/Jotun Paint/Raffles Paint, labour, and transport:

  • Painting a 3-room HDB flat starts from $1200.
  • Painting a 4-room HDB flat starts from $1500.
  • Painting a 5-room HDB flat starts from $1800.
  • Painting an Executive HDB flat starts from $2400.
  • Painting a Maisonette HDB flat starts from $2700.
  • Painting a 1-bedroom condo starts from $1000.
  • Painting a 2-bedroom condo starts from $1400.
  • Painting a 3-bedroom condo starts from $2000.
  • Painting a 4-bedroom condo starts from $2800.
  • Painting a 5-bedroom condo starts from $3500.
  • Painting a 5-bedroom Executive condo starts from $4000.

Phone Number: 8797 9735

Location: 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966

2. Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services

Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services

Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services, known for their use of premium paint products, offers a range of professional painting services with several benefits. They guarantee no dilution of paint, two coats for a lasting finish, and the use of fresh, genuine Nippon Paint. Their services also include protection of your space with drop cloths and careful handling of furniture. The company prides itself on transparent pricing, strict standards for project managers and applicators, regular training, complimentary wall inspections, and a dedicated team for each project.

The range of services offered by Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services is extensive, catering to various types of properties including BTOs, flats, condominiums, landed properties, and exteriors. Their services encompass pre-painting inspection, digital color preview, shifting and protecting furniture, professional painting with genuine Nippon Paint, and reinstating furniture post-painting. They also offer a one-year warranty, ensuring customer satisfaction and quality of work. The duration of painting varies depending on the size of the space and the condition of the walls, with additional services like Momento or feature wall designs requiring more time.

Customer reviews of Nippon Paint Professional Painting Services highlight a range of experiences. Many customers appreciate the skilled workmanship and protection measures taken during painting, but some note issues with project management and sales services. Instances of rushed work, lack of attention to detail, and difficulties in communication with project managers are mentioned. However, others commend the painters’ professionalism and patience, especially in explaining processes and handling intricate tasks. 


  • Nippon Paint Professional Home Painting Packages
    • Painting services for various residential units range from $950 to $2650, with different package options including Value, Classic, Odourless, Top, and Ultra Premium, depending on the type and size of the apartment or HDB
  • Landed House Painting Packages
    • Exterior painting starting from $2980 and interior painting options, including standard and odourless packages, ranging from $2800 to $4500 depending on the property type
  • Add-ons
    • Door and frame painting at $75 per door, main gate painting at $120, bathroom pipe painting at $50, additional color for $50, with various upgrades and treatments ranging from $80 to $380, and custom quotes for door varnishing and plastering work
    • Various sealer options with prices ranging from $390 to $590 depending on the apartment size and type of sealer, along with single room painting starting at $410 and special effects paint from $800

Phone Number: 6319 7222

Location: 1, First Lok Yang Road Jurong Singapore 629728

3. 5 Star Painting

5 Star Painting

5 Star Painting, with over 30 years of experience, has become a trusted name in Singapore for home painting services, painting thousands of homes and regularly serving repeat customers. They emphasize delivering high-quality painting services and have a dedicated team overseeing each project from start to finish. The company specializes in both HDB and condo painting services, catering to a variety of apartment types and sizes. Their team is equipped to handle the unique challenges of painting new and old homes alike, ensuring a high standard of work.

Their range of services includes painting for different types of HDB flats and condominiums. For HDB homes, they offer specialized services for 3-room to executive and maisonette flats, focusing on details like sharp edges and split concrete. They provide optional services like door, toilet pipe, and main gate painting, and primer/sealer application with personalized quotes. Their paint options range from basic to premium Nippon Paint, catering to various budgets and requirements. Similarly, for condominiums, they offer an array of paint choices, including basic Matex, enhanced Vinilex 5000, and premium Odour-less paints.

Customer reviews of 5 Star Painting reflect a high level of satisfaction with their services. Customers praise the company’s professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value. Many note the skilled and experienced painters, the thoroughness of the work, and the cleanliness maintained during and after the painting process. Customers appreciate the detailed advice and guidance provided by the company’s representatives and the care taken to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience during the painting.


  • HDB Packages
    • The Basic Package using Nippon Paint Matex ranges from $600 for a 2-room flat to $1,600 for a maisonette.
    • The Enhanced Package using Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000 ranges from $750 for a 2-room flat to $1,900 for a maisonette.
    • The Premium Package using Nippon Paint Odourless ranges from $900 for a 2-room flat to $2,200 for a maisonette.
  • Condo Packages
    • The Basic Package using Nippon Paint Matex ranges from $950 for below 999 Sqft to $1,650 for condos between 1200 and 1399 Sqft.
    • The Enhanced Package using Nippon Paint Vinilex 5000 ranges from $1,150 for below 999 Sqft to $1,950 for condos between 1400 and 1599 Sqft.
    • The Premium Package featuring Nippon Paint Odour-less all-in-one for condos begins at $1,350 for below 999 Sqft, reaching $2,400 for condos between 1400 and 1599 Sqft.

Phone Number: 8161 2390

Location: 1 Commonwealth Lane, Singapore 149544

4. Meptech Painting Services

Meptech Painting Services

Meptech Painting Services, established in 2011, has been providing affordable and reliable painting services in Singapore. They cater to both commercial and residential clients, including HDB, condo, landed houses, offices, schools, and more, with a minimum one-year warranty on all services. Their team comprises professionally trained painters with at least five years of experience, focusing on delivering high-quality results directly to clients without intermediaries. Meptech also offers reinstatement services alongside their painting solutions.

Their range of services is quite extensive, covering HDB painting with affordable packages, condo and landed home painting for those looking to rejuvenate their properties, and painting services for office and commercial spaces. They also provide reinstatement services, helping clients restore buildings to their original condition.

Customer reviews for Meptech Painting Services are overwhelmingly positive. Clients appreciate their attention to detail, professionalism, and ability to deliver within budget and on time. They are noted for their exceptional service in handling larger projects like factory painting and multi-story office towers, as well as smaller jobs like studio painting. Their professionalism and service quality are consistently highlighted, making them a recommended choice for a variety of painting and reinstatement needs.


  • The average cost of our HDB painting services ranges from $600 to $2300.
  • Our Condo Painting Services start at $700, with the average cost varying between $700 to $2000 depending on the condo’s condition.
  • Reinstatement work typically costs between $10 to $20 per square foot on average.

Phone Number: 9722 0151


Location: 2 Kallang Pudding Rd, 01-03 Mactech Building, Singapore 349307

5. Colour Creative Painting Services

Colour Creative Painting Services

Colour Creative Painting Services, with two decades of experience, specializes in using genuine Nippon Paint for a variety of painting projects. Catering to a wide clientele including HDBs, condos, and private estates, they are known for their efficient service and low-cost solutions without compromising on quality. The company focuses on ensuring cleanliness during the painting process, covering furniture and home decorations with plastic sheets and taping parts of the wall for clean paint finishing. Their commitment to cleanliness is paired with a guarantee of smooth paint finishing and a respectful approach to customer homes.

They offer a comprehensive range of painting services for different types of residences. Colour Creative is adept at handling the unique painting requirements of HDBs, offering affordable and professional painting makeovers. Their experience extends to condos, where they deliver professional services with an eye for detail, transforming living spaces without breaking the bank. The team’s expertise ensures that the painting job not only enhances the aesthetic appeal of the space but also contributes to creating a refreshing and serene environment.

Customer reviews for Colour Creative Painting Services are predominantly positive, highlighting aspects like professionalism, punctuality, quality, responsiveness, and value. Clients repeatedly commend the friendly and responsive nature of team members like James, as well as the professionalism and advice offered. Reviews note the detailed and polite workmanship of the workers and the overall satisfaction with the services provided. Fast and neat job execution, even for large projects like 5-room flats, is a recurring theme in the feedback.


Phone Number: 6565 7747

Location: 1 Sophia Road, Peace Centre, #06-10, Singapore 228149

6. LS Handyman

LS Handyman

LS Handyman, established in 2011, is dedicated to providing expert painting and handyman services in Singapore. Their team consists of highly skilled professionals who continually train to offer the best customer experience. The company is known for its commitment to customer satisfaction, offering services ranging from painting to repairing various household fixtures. They distinguish themselves by working with proficient team members, ensuring safe and efficient job completion.

The company offers a comprehensive range of services, including painting for residential and commercial spaces. They specialize in various types of painting jobs, such as exterior and interior painting for houses, HDBs, condos, and commercial buildings. Their skilled contractors are equipped to handle any painting challenge, ensuring high-quality finishes and professional execution. LS Handyman Singapore is known for using quality products, offering timely delivery, reasonable pricing, and maintaining thorough cleanliness during their projects.

Customer reviews for LS Handyman are overwhelmingly positive. Clients praise the professionalism and expertise of the handymen, particularly highlighting their efficiency and ability to deliver high-quality work without the need for a new installation. Customers appreciate the fast, efficient service and the company’s ability to handle diverse tasks such as dismantling, disposal, patching up holes, painting, and light installation. The reviews consistently recommend LS Handyman for their reliable and excellent service quality.

Price: Contact LS Handyman for a quote.

Phone Number: 6854 4992


Location: 45 Sims Dr, #12-152, Singapore 380045

7. Benjamin Moore Painting Services

Benjamin Moore

Benjamin Moore Painting Services is primarily recognized as a premium paint product brand, offering a variety of paints tailored for specific needs. Their services encompass complimentary site visits for non-obligatory quotes, tailored color advice including previews, and professional workmanship by Benjamin Moore painters. They ensure thorough site preparation, including floor and furniture protection, and wall preparation with patching of holes and cracks. Using their own manufactured resins and proprietary Gennex® colorants, they deliver superior performance and application properties in each product.

Their range of painting services includes two coats of anti-mould and mildew ceiling paint, two coats of selected interior paint, furniture and fixture shifting and protection, plastering of hairline cracks and nail holes, and a 6-month warranty extendable to 24 months with an additional sealer coat. Their process involves a complimentary site visit, a non-obligatory quote, a swab test for color accuracy, full protection of the home during the job, detailed painting procedures, thorough clean-up and reinstatement of furniture, and a final handover with an inspection for perfection.

Customer reviews for Benjamin Moore are generally positive, highlighting the quality of the paint, the variety of colors available, and the professionalism and accommodation of staff. Customers like Leonard and Jonathan are praised for their helpfulness in color selection and flexibility. The painters are commended for their meticulous work and care in protecting furniture, as well as for their thorough clean-up post-painting. Despite a higher price point, customers express satisfaction with the value for money due to the quality of service and end results. The brand is recommended for those seeking a high-quality painting experience with a wide selection of colors and professional service.


  • Ben® painting package: Painting services for HDBs and condos range from $1,600 for a 2-room HDB or a condo under 700 sqft, up to a minimum of $2,750 for a Maisonette or a condo larger than 1400 sqft, with varying prices in between depending on the size of the unit.
  • Eco Spec® painting package: Painting services for HDBs and condos are priced from $1,800 for a 2-room HDB or condo under 700 sqft, increasing to a minimum of $2,950 for a Maisonette or condo larger than 1400 sqft.
  • Aura® painting package: Painting services for HDBs and condos are available in a range from $1,900 for a 2-room HDB or a condo under 700 sqft, up to a minimum of $3,150 for a Maisonette or a condo larger than 1400 sqft.

Phone Number: 6970 0891


Location: 24 Sin Ming Ln, #01-95, Singapore 573970

8. A&J Painting & Handyman Service

A&J Painting & Handyman Service

A&J Painting & Handyman Service, registered since 2007 (RCB 53102106L), specializes in a wide range of repair and service work. Their expertise extends beyond painting to include air conditioning systems, electrical work, floor polishing, parquet varnish, marble polishes, dismantling built-in furniture, carpentry, plumbing, wallpaper services, partitioning, false ceilings, tile hacking, renovation, and other handyman tasks. They pride themselves on employing professional painters from Singapore to deliver high-quality painting services for homes.

In terms of services offered, A&J provides a comprehensive range, including general painting, cabinet painting, waterproofing, door painting, interior painting, and spray painting. This variety ensures they can meet a wide range of customer needs, whether for home renovation or specific repair work.

Customer reviews for A&J Painting & Handyman Service are generally positive. Clients appreciate the friendly, patient, and helpful nature of the team, noting the excellent quality of work on various projects like flat painting and toilet ceiling refurbishment. Repeat customers highlight the consistent quality of work and professionalism of the team, including the careful preparation and efficient work ethic. Coordinators like Prem are commended for their effective logistics and communication, ensuring that projects start on time and adhere to specific requirements. Clients also mention the skilled painters, fair and transparent pricing, and effective mould treatment solutions.

Price: Contact A&J Painting & Handyman Service for a quote.

Phone Number: 9382 1820


Location: 190 Middle Road, #19-05, Fortune Centre, Singapore 188979

9. Elelaurels


Elelaurels offers a comprehensive painting service in Singapore, known for its professionalism and customer-centric approach. They focus on affordability and have garnered high recommendations from past customers for their prompt response and excellent customer and after-sales service. Elelaurels assures that their painting crew is well-trained and experienced, promising efficient and high-quality work at affordable prices, along with reliable warranties and responsiveness to customer needs.

Their range of services is broad, specializing in painting for HDBs, condos, landed properties, and commercial or office spaces. Elelaurels follows a systematic approach to painting services in Singapore, starting with an on-site inspection and a complimentary quotation. Their professional team takes careful measures to protect furniture and electrical sockets during the painting process. The company is recommended for its ability to provide accurate timeframes for project completion and its commitment to addressing any post-service touch-ups or concerns, ensuring customer satisfaction.

Customer reviews for Elelaurels consistently highlight the company’s professionalism, quality, responsiveness, and value. Clients appreciate the prompt and careful installation process, smooth and hassle-free experience, and the high-quality workmanship of the team. The reviews underline the company’s dedication to excellent service, punctuality, and attention to detail, reinforcing Elelaurels’ reputation as a reliable and efficient provider of painting services in Singapore.


  • Painting services range from $700 for studios or 2-bedroom HDBs or condos under 500 sqft to $2,100 for maisonettes.
  • An additional $250 to $600 is charged for sealers.
  • Adding white Nippon Anti-mold ceiling paint for kitchens and toilets costs between $200 and $550.
  • Opting for Nippon / ICI odourless paint incurs an additional fee of $150 to $400.
  • The add-on for Nippon / ICI wash and wear paint ranges from $250 to $500.
  • Painting each door and door frame is priced at $50.
  • Toilet pipe painting costs $40 per pipe.
  • Gate painting services are priced between $60 and $100.

Phone Number: 8224 2252


Location: 2 Defu Lane 10 #03-521, Singapore 539183

10. K.K. Roofing Contractors Pte. Ltd.

K.K. Roofing Contractors Pte. Ltd

K.K. Roofing Contractors Pte. Ltd., with over 15 years of experience, is recognized as a leading waterproofing specialist in Singapore. Their dedication to providing the finest personal service is evident in their growth and the long-term contracts they maintain with satisfied customers. As a family-owned and operated business, they have built a reputation for professional and quality workmanship in the community. Their approach is hands-on, constantly moving towards quality and excellence, and they have expanded alongside Singapore’s own growth.

The company offers a wide array of painting and reconditioning services. They also specialize in condominium painting, boasting a rich experience of over 20 years and having serviced thousands of condos across Singapore. For landed properties, K.K. Roofing Contractors partners with Nippon or Dulux to offer a 5-year warranty on exterior wall painting, ensuring safety standards with the use of scaffolding and gondolas. Additionally, they offer comprehensive commercial painting services, aligning their processes with government regulations and staying updated with technological advancements in paint materials.

Customer reviews for K.K. Roofing Contractors Pte. Ltd. are positive, highlighting their professionalism, punctuality, and responsiveness. Clients appreciate the team’s good character and cleanliness post-service. Their long-term service since 2013 to some clients indicates a consistent quality of work and reasonable pricing. Reviews consistently mention the company’s timely, responsive, and professional work quality, endorsing K.K. Roofing Contractors as a reliable choice for various painting and handyman services.

Price: Contact K.K. Roofing Contractors Pte. Ltd. for a quote.

Phone Number: 6528 6394

Email: 45 Jalan Melor, Singapore 368863

Location: 45 Jalan Melor, Singapore 368863

11. is a painting service known for its meticulous attention to cleanliness and detail. They emphasize protecting furniture and decorations with disposable plastic sheets and carefully taping wall parts for a clean paint finish. The company prides itself on its cleanliness standards, ensuring smooth paint finishing and always seeking permission before entering a client’s home. They offer comprehensive and transparent pricing, with various options including full home painting, particularly before the Minimum Occupation Period (MOP), and living room only options.

Their services cover a broad spectrum, including HDB home painting, with a guarantee of professional service in Singapore. offers additional services like plastering holes in walls to achieve a smooth finish. They are versatile in their service offerings, capable of painting just one room or even a toilet. The company’s team is passionate about painting, a passion that started in their youth and has since grown to servicing a variety of homes and offices in Singapore. They are BCA Registered, BizSafe Level 3, and Business Trust SG certified, with a highly educated site engineer capable of providing home solutions.

Customer reviews for are generally positive. Clients mention initial skepticism due to slow response times but ultimately commend the quality of service and workmanship. Customers appreciate the polite, hardworking painters and the efficient, neat job done. The pricing is highlighted as affordable compared to other services in Singapore. Clients also appreciate the ease of the process, from choosing paint colors to the efficient completion of the job, often within a day. The company’s use of fresh Nippon Paints and their ability to execute tasks without requiring an interior designer are particularly appreciated.


  • Economy: $370 for a 1-bedroom to $1,650 for a maisonette with Nippon Matex paint
  • Premium: $400 for a 1-bedroom to $2,050 for a maisonette with Nippon Vinilex 5000
  • Luxury: $700 for a 1-bedroom to $2,400 for a maisonette with Nippon Odouless

Phone Number: 9734 9669
Location: 21 Woodlands Close #08-44, Singapore 737854


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