Major Impressions: Personalising Your Grad Shoot with a Nod to Your Discipline

Grad shoots are often filled with a sense of achievement, nostalgia, and anticipation for the future.

But what if we could infuse an additional layer of personalisation into these keepsakes?

Here’s an idea worth capturing: our majors!

Let’s be real, if not for our chosen majors, we wouldn’t have met so many amazing people nor would we have experienced what we have experienced. 

I get it, every graduate’s journey is distinct but we found many friends and have undergone similar things because of the majors we’ve chosen. 

So, why not tip our hats to our chosen fields?

Elevate your grad shoot from classic to iconic by giving centre stage to the major that scripted your college tale.

Here are some tips to showcase your chosen field.

Science and Technology Majors

Science and technology graduates have a world of symbols, tools, and environments at their disposal to represent their field.

  • Lab portraits: How about a shot of you in your lab coat, and safety glasses on, with a backdrop of beakers and test tubes? Or a photo of you in front of your university’s supercomputer or telescope? Consider a shot where you’re pouring over a microscope or analyzing data on a computer. Don’t shy away from a bit of staged dramatization; it’s all about capturing the essence of your major!
  • Symbolic Elements: Use symbolic elements like the periodic table, molecular models, or code snippets as props or backdrops to depict your discipline.

Literature and Humanities Majors

For arts and humanities majors, your graduation photoshoot can be a canvas to express your creativity and love for your field.

  • Iconic Texts: Pose with a copy of a novel or a philosophical text that has inspired or challenged you throughout your academic journey.
  • Inspiring Mentor: If you’ve had a particularly inspiring professor, consider shooting in their classroom, thus, immortalising the space where your love for the subject flourished. Better yet, include your favourite mentor in the photo!

Business and Economics Majors

Business and economics majors can opt for more professional settings or symbolic props related to their field.

  • Corporate Chic: Consider a shot in a corporate setting, like an office or a stock exchange. You in a business suit, holding your diploma, with the hustle and bustle of business life in the background could be quite powerful.
  • In the Numbers: Use props like charts, graphs, or even a ticker tape to signify your journey in economics.

Education and Social Work Majors

For education and social work majors, your photoshoot can reflect your passion for helping others and making a difference.

  • Classroom Setting: An image of you standing at the head of a classroom, a chalkboard with a heartfelt message in the background, can be a beautiful nod to your chosen path.
  • Compassionate Portraits: Images of you in environments where you’ve practised your skills, like a social work centre or an after-school program, can capture the essence of your major.

Healthcare Majors

For healthcare majors, there are many iconic elements that you can incorporate into your photoshoot.

  • In Scrubs: A photo of you in scrubs, stethoscope around your neck, can be a powerful image depicting your journey in healthcare.
  • The White Coat: A shot of you wearing the white coat, a symbol of your profession, in front of the university’s medical centre can make for a memorable portrait.

Engineering Majors

Engineers are the architects of modern society, building the infrastructure of our lives. Capture this essence in your photoshoot.

  • Blueprints and Models: Holding blueprints of a project or standing beside a model you’ve built can be symbolic of your discipline. For civil engineers, a shot on a construction site can speak volumes about your journey.
  • Robotics and Machines: For mechanical or robotics engineers, consider a photo in a machine shop or robotics lab. You, surrounded by gears, robots, or engines, can make a dynamic image.

Communication and Media Studies Majors

For those in communication and media studies, your photoshoot can reflect the vibrant and dynamic nature of your field.

  • Media Equipment: Pose with a camera, a microphone, or a clapperboard to depict your passion for media. You could also consider a shot in a radio station, a film set, or behind a news desk.
  • Social Media Icons: Create a theme around different social media icons or create a backdrop with famous news headlines.

Law Majors

Law majors can add a touch of solemnity and professionalism to their photoshoot, reflecting their commitment to justice.

  • Law Books and Scales: Pose with significant law books or the scales of justice. You could also consider wearing your moot court attire for some shots.
  • Courtroom Setting: If possible, take a shot in a courtroom setting or in front of the law school building, holding your degree proudly.

Architecture Majors

For architecture majors, your photoshoot can combine your academic achievement with your artistic prowess.

  • Designs and Models: Pose with some of your designs or architectural models. Your work is a direct representation of your discipline.
  • Architectural Landmarks: Consider having your photoshoot in front of an iconic building or structure. It could be a historical landmark, a skyscraper, or even a building you admire on campus.

Computer Science Majors

For computer science majors, there are many ways to portray your tech-savvy journey in your photoshoot.

  • Coding Session: A shot of you engrossed in a coding session, with lines of code running in the background on a screen, can make for an impressive image.
  • Hardware and Gadgets: Consider posing with computer hardware, a circuit board, or your favourite gadget. You could even create a backdrop with binary code or algorithms.

Performing Arts Majors

Performing arts majors have the unique advantage of incorporating their performance elements into their photoshoot.

  • Performance Gear: Wear your ballet shoes, hold your guitar, or pose with your script. These elements speak volumes about your passion and discipline.
  • On Stage: Consider a shot on stage, under the spotlight, a fitting tribute to your countless rehearsals and performances.

Anthropology Majors

Anthropology majors study various aspects of human behaviour, culture, and evolution. Display these elements in your photoshoot.

  • Artefacts: Pose with replicas of artefacts, or use field notes or maps as props, symbolising your archaeological explorations.
  • Cultural Symbols: Incorporate symbols representing diverse cultures that you have studied, showcasing your understanding and appreciation for cultural diversity.

Sports Science and Physical Education Majors

Sports science and physical education majors can inject dynamism and energy into their photoshoot.

  • Sporting Gear: From running shoes to basketballs, use sporting gear to symbolise your major.
  • Action Shots: Consider action shots of you in the middle of your favourite sport, displaying your discipline’s dynamic nature.

Fashion and Design Majors

Fashion and design majors can make their graduation photoshoot a statement of their style and creativity.

  • Design Sketches: Pose with your design sketches or fabric swatches, showcasing your creative process.
  • Fashion Forward: Showcase your sense of style in your outfit choices. Consider wearing something you’ve designed yourself.

Political Science Majors

Political science majors can add a touch of civic engagement and leadership to their photoshoots.

  • Political Symbols: Use symbols that represent the political systems or theories you’ve studied.
  • Landmark Buildings: Consider a shot in front of a significant political site or government building, signifying your engagement with civic life.

Final Thoughts

Incorporating your major into your graduation photoshoot not only adds a personalised touch but also serves as a tribute to your academic journey. It symbolizes the knowledge you’ve gained, the challenges you’ve overcome, and the professional you’re poised to become.

Each prop, location, or symbolic element is a nod to your discipline, adding layers of meaning to your graduation photo.

As you stand there, diploma in hand, let your photos depict not just your achievement, but also your academic passion that has been integral to your journey.



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