13 Best Locksmiths in Singapore

Locksmith Singapore

Locksmiths in Singapore are essential service providers. They offer a wide array of solutions for your security needs. From emergency lockout assistance to advanced security system installations, these skilled professionals ensure the safety and peace of mind of residents and businesses alike.

For context, the crime rate in Singapore is remarkably low at 847 crimes per 100,000 individuals. While this could be attributed to the strong effort of the government, the collective effort of everyone in the country cannot be understated, that includes locksmiths!

These experts are not just technicians; they are guardians of security and peace of mind.

Singapore’s locksmiths are known for their reliability, speed, and expertise, making them a go-to choice for anyone facing lock-related challenges.

With this, we have listed 13 of the best locksmiths in Singapore.

Frequently Asked Questions about Locksmiths

Before we delve into the list, let us first answer some of your most asked questions:

What are locksmiths?

Locksmiths are skilled professionals specialising in everything related to locks and security systems. They are not just about cutting keys or fixing broken locks; their expertise extends to installing advanced security systems, providing emergency lockout services, and even consulting on security solutions. Interestingly, despite being touted as a smart nation, the locksmith industry in Singapore is a blend of traditional skills and modern technology.

Why hire a locksmith?

  • They can help you gain entry if you’re locked out of your home, car, or office.
  • They are experts in installing new locks, repairing and/or replacing old ones, and rekeying locks for enhanced security.
  • They can install and deal with high-tech security systems including biometric and electronic access control systems.
  • They can also provide valuable advice on the best security solutions tailored to your specific needs, whether it’s for a residential, commercial, or automotive setting.

How to choose the right locksmith?

  1. Check for Experience and Credentials: Look for locksmiths who have a solid track record in the industry. While Singapore doesn’t mandate specific licenses for locksmiths, many reputable professionals have certifications or are members of recognized locksmith associations.
  2. Read Reviews and Testimonials: Customer feedback is invaluable. Check online reviews, forums, and social media to gauge the reputation of the locksmith.
  3. Ensure Price Transparency: A trustworthy locksmith will provide a clear and upfront quotation. Be wary of those who offer unusually low prices initially, as this can sometimes lead to hidden charges.
  4. Availability for Emergencies: Choose a locksmith who offers 24/7 emergency services. Lock-related emergencies can happen at any time, and immediate assistance is crucial.
  5. Assess the Range of Services Offered: A good locksmith should offer a comprehensive range of services, from traditional lock repairs to the installation of advanced security systems.

Now that we have answered the most frequently asked questions about locksmiths, here are the top 13 best locksmiths in Singapore.

1. Locksmith Singapore

Locksmith Singapore is a leading locksmith service provider known for its professional, licensed staff and comprehensive services for residential and commercial clients. They stand out by not outsourcing, ensuring direct, high-quality service. The company is committed to efficiency, rapid response, and customer satisfaction, specializing in a range of services including lock repairs, key cutting, and emergency lockouts. Emphasizing transparent pricing and staying updated with the latest technologies, Locksmith Singapore has established itself as a trustworthy and efficient choice for all locksmith needs in Singapore.

Services Offered:

Locksmith Singapore provides a wide array of services in residential, emergency, commercial, and automotive locksmithing. That said, here are some of the services they provide:

  • Lock fixing
  • Lock replacement
  • Key cutting
  • Door and gate repairs and installations for home and offices
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Key duplication
  • CCTV and other smart lock installation

If you want to check the full list of their services, please check their website.

Why You Should Choose Locksmith Singapore

Locksmith Singapore is highly recommended for its exceptional efficiency, versatility, and customer-centric approach. With their round-the-clock emergency services, you are assured of getting assistance in urgent lock-related situations. The company’s skilled team is well-versed in handling a variety of locks and security systems, including advanced digital solutions. In addition, they utilise cutting-edge technology, making them adept at tasks like re-keying locks, installing home safes, and enhancing property security. Clients appreciate the prompt and reliable service, with a quick response time being a hallmark of their operations. Furthermore, Locksmith Singapore is known for its affordable and transparent pricing, which, combined with its excellent service, offers great value to customers.

Locksmith Singapore

2. First Locks

Source: First Locks

First Locks is a trusted provider of fixed-price locksmith services. They are renowned for their transparency in pricing, starting from $39, with a commitment to no hidden costs. The company specialises in the professional opening of various types of locks, employing both destructive and non-destructive methods as needed. Additionally, First Locks operates a workshop dedicated to remastering keys and training their technicians, ensuring they are equipped with the latest tools and techniques in the industry.

Services Offered:

  • Door installation and repair
  • Lock rekeying
  • Window and garage door lock installation
  • Grills and bars installation and repair
  • Door installation and repair

Why You Should Choose First Locks

Source: First Locks

First Locks is a highly recommended locksmith service in Singapore, praised for its efficiency, responsiveness, and customer-oriented approach. They offer services starting from $39, which includes an on-site assessment, various lock opening tasks, and repair works, making their services both affordable and transparent. This pricing model has been particularly helpful to many clients who appreciate the absence of hidden costs.

Customers appreciate the non-destructive techniques used by their skilled technicians, allowing locks to be reused and save on replacement costs. Additionally, their services come with a 6-month warranty, providing clients with assurance and trust in their work. Operating 24/7, First Locks specializes in a wide range of lock installations, including modern digital smart locks, ensuring high-quality service and customer satisfaction at all times.

First Locks

  • Availability: First Locks operates 24/7
  • Location: They have branches not only in Singapore but also in Thailand, Malaysia, and Vietnam.
  • Website: https://firstlocks.com.sg/ 

3. Vincent Locksmith

Vincent Locksmith is a well-regarded locksmith service in Singapore, offering affordable and efficient services. They focus on reliability, promptness, and transparency in customer service, aiming to provide high-quality services at reasonable prices. They adhere to ethical locksmithing practices, avoiding misleading information and cheap price baiting. They are also regarded for their quick and efficient services. Their approach is customer-centric, prioritizing the satisfaction and security of their clients, which has helped them build a strong reputation in the local market.

Services Offered:

  • Lock opening and unlocking
  • Lock replacement
  • Lock maintenance and repair

Why You Should Choose Vincent Locksmith

Vincent Locksmith, established in 2006, stands out in Singapore for its customer-focused, affordable locksmith services. Known for ethical practices and transparency, they prioritize solving lock issues effectively. Customers frequently commend their promptness, professionalism, and reasonable pricing. They offer services like lock opening, replacement, and emergency lockouts, often using non-destructive methods to preserve lock integrity, which saves customers long-term costs. However, it’s important to note that Vincent Locksmith does not provide 24/7 services and operates with a relatively small team. This means planning and booking their services might require considering their availability and response capacity. Nevertheless, opting for Vincent Locksmith is a choice for quality service, affordability, and an honest approach to the locksmith industry

Vincent Locksmith

  • Availability: Vincent Locksmith is open Monday to Friday: 10 am to 8 pm; Saturday: 10 am to 5 pm; and they are closed on Sundays.
  • Location: They have branches over 40 branches island-wide.
  • Contact number: +65 88127499
  • Email: ask@vincentlocksmith.com
  • Website: https://www.vincentlocksmith.com/

4. Little Locksmith

Little Locksmith is a well-regarded locksmith service company that caters to any residential, commercial, and automotive locksmith needs. They emphasise efficiency, reliability, and affordability, ensuring customer satisfaction with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. Equipped with the latest tools and expertise, their professional team responds swiftly to emergency calls, understanding the critical nature of security issues. In addition, Little Locksmith maintains a customer-centric approach, regularly updating their skills to handle everything from traditional mechanisms to advanced digital security systems. Their commitment to high-quality service and integrity has established them as a trusted and approachable name in the locksmith industry in Singapore.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Comprehensive Door Lock Services including repair, change, and installation


  • Unlocking main door: $60
  • Replacing main door lock: $180 to $250
  • Replacing letterbox keyhole: $60

Please note that the prices stated are mainly for reference. Onsite assessment or pictures are required to get a more accurate quote. That said, if you wish to know more about their services and rates, please check their website.

Why You Should Choose Little Locksmith

Little Locksmith is a locally owned and operated service, that ensures a personal and dedicated approach to each job. Their team is well-trained, licensed, and equipped with the latest techniques and equipment, providing comprehensive security assessments and solutions. They are available for emergency services seven days a week, including public holidays, ensuring reliability and accessibility for your urgent locksmith needs.

In addition, based on positive reviews online, it show that Little Locksmith has a reputation for being reliable, skilled, and customer friendly. For example, customers have praised Little Locksmith for their reasonable pricing and excellent customer service. Likewise, reviews consistently highlight the company’s prompt response, professional service, and efficient resolution of various locksmith issues. As such, if you are looking for a well-recommended locksmith service, Little Locksmith may be the company for you.

Little Locksmith:

5. De Master Locksmith

De Master Locksmith, operating in Singapore for over 30 years, is a family-owned and operated business known for its expertise in a range of locksmith services. They have built a reputation for providing timely and professional services at all times. Their team is qualified and capable of handling various locksmith tasks for residential, commercial, and automobile customers at reasonable costs. The company strives to offer excellent customer service coupled with high-quality products. In addition, they are particularly praised for their fast service, with their technicians capable of resolving issues like jammed doorknobs within 30 minutes.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Replacement of all kinds of locks
  • Supply lock sets for homes and businesses
  • Vehicle unlocking
  • Programming of additional transponder automotive key
  • Key duplication services

Why You Should Choose De Master Locksmith

Customers have praised De Master Locksmith for their reliable and responsible approach, highlighting their ability to handle lockouts with calmness and efficiency. The company has earned a reputation for its friendly service, prompt response, and affordable pricing, making it a top choice in the Punggol area and beyond. Their services include a wide range of locksmith tasks, from basic door unlocking and lock installation to safe opening and key duplication.

Choosing De Master Locksmith means opting for a family-owned business that values excellent customer service and high-quality work, ensuring a trustworthy and efficient solution to your locksmith needs

De Master Locksmith:

6. AA Urgent Locksmith

AA Urgent Locksmith, known as Cheap Locksmith Singapore, stands out as a reliable provider of locksmith services in Singapore. The company has built a reputation for responding quickly to emergency locksmith needs, with a commitment to reaching clients within 30 minutes, 24 hours a day. This rapid response is made possible by having technicians positioned strategically across Singapore. In addition, they cater to an extensive range of services. As such, they can address a wide variety of lock-related issues.

Services Offered:

  • Car lockout services
  • Key cutting and duplication
  • Programming key fobs
  • Emergency lockout services
  • Complete lock changing for homes
  • Repairing and restoring locks
  • Door repair and replacement


  • Door unlocking: $50
  • Letterbox opening:  $50
  • Safe box opening: $150
  • Car door unlocking: $100

Why Choose AA Urgent Locksmith

The company’s commitment to customer satisfaction is evident in the positive feedback they receive. Clients appreciate the affordability of the services, which doesn’t compromise the quality of the work done. This combination of quick service, professional expertise, and value for money contributes to AA Urgent Locksmith’s strong reputation in the industry. In addition, customers highlight the company’s rapid response time, often emphasizing the relief and satisfaction experienced when their locksmith needs were addressed swiftly and efficiently.

AA Urgent Locksmith

  • Availability: They are open daily from 8 am to 10 pm but they are available 24/7 for emergency lockout services.
  • Location: Blk 113 Tampines Street 86, #10-39, Singapore 528536
  • Contact number: +65 6797 9694
  • Email: support@cheaplocksmithsingapore.com
  • Website: https://www.cheaplocksmithsingapore.com/

7. Botak Locksmiths Singapore

Botak Locksmiths, with over 25 years of experience, is one of Singapore’s most enduring locksmith establishments. The company specializes in providing an array of locksmith services that cover residential, commercial, and automotive needs. Each locksmith in their team boasts over 10 years of experience, ensuring proficient service delivery. They also operate across five distinct regions in Singapore, offering quick and reliable locksmith solutions to a wide customer base. Renowned for its fast and reliable 24/7 services, Botak Locksmiths has established a reputation for being efficient, professional, and ethical.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency lockout service
  • New lock installation
  • Lock change and repair
  • Opening of damaged/faulty locks
  • Lock Re-Key/Master Re-Key
  • Vehicle Unlocking
  • Extraction of Broken Key
  • Making Key without Sample
  • Safe Box Opening


  • Emergency lockout service: $50
  • Vehicle unlocking: $ 60

Please note that these are base prices. Onsite assessment and/or pictures will be required to get a more accurate quote.

Why You Should Choose Botak Locksmith Singapore

Choosing Botak Locksmiths Singapore is highly recommended based on the positive customer reviews they have received. Clients consistently praise their responsive and helpful service. For instance, in situations like a jammed doorknob, customers have noted that the locksmiths from Botak Locksmiths arrived quickly, professionally resolving the issue and even providing solutions for other door-related problems. This level of responsiveness and professionalism is a recurring theme in customer feedback.

Customers also appreciate the friendly and approachable attitude of the locksmiths, making the service experience more pleasant and less stressful. The company’s ability to diagnose and solve problems efficiently has led to high customer satisfaction and recommendations for their services.

Botak Locksmith Singapore:

  • Availability: Botak Locksmith Singapore is available 24/7
  • Location: They have five branches across Singapore
  • Contact: 97518183 (Orchard, River Valley branch)
  • Website: https://botaklocksmiths.com/

8. 24/7 Locksmith Singapore

24/7 Locksmith Singapore, established in 2009, has carved a niche in the locksmith industry with its comprehensive and efficient services. The company stands out for its round-the-clock availability, ensuring that clients across Singapore have access to locksmith services at any time. This 24-hour service is a cornerstone of their commitment to customer convenience and emergency response.

Interestingly, apart from locksmith services, 24/7Locksmith Singapore also offer various products such as digital locks and safe boxes, all of which are geared towards augmenting your security and ensuring your safety.

Services Offered:

  • Key Duplication
  • Lock System Installation
  • Lock Repairs
  • Unlocking Emergencies
  • Car Unlock Service
  • Window Lock Repairs

Why You Should Choose 24/7 Locksmith Singapore

Choosing 24/7 Locksmith Singapore is a decision backed by numerous positive aspects highlighted in customer reviews and company profiles. Firstly, their name itself signifies their commitment to availability, offering 24/7 services across all five regions of Singapore (Central, North, North-East, East, and West). This ensures that they are always ready to assist you, regardless of the time of day.

Customers have consistently praised 24/7 Locksmith Singapore for their fast and efficient service. They are known for using high-quality, branded locks and the right tools for every job, ensuring a top-performing lock system. Their expertise extends to various services like car unlocking, window lock repair, glass door lock repair, sliding door repair, and glass door installation.

Moreover, the company’s approach to using advanced tools and techniques reflects its commitment to providing high-quality services. They are not only quick to respond but also offer solutions that are built to last, adding a layer of security and reliability to their services.

24/7 Locksmith Singapore

9. Keyeo Locks & Security

Keyeo Locks & Security Pte Ltd, with over 15 years of experience in the locksmith industry, stands out as a leading provider of comprehensive locksmith and security solutions in Singapore. Their focus is on delivering high-quality, state-of-the-art services to a diverse clientele, including both residential and commercial sectors. The company takes pride in its expertise in handling a wide range of security needs, from traditional locksmith services to advanced digital security solutions. Keyeo’s dedication to children’s safety and accident prevention adds a unique aspect to its service portfolio, showcasing its commitment to addressing the varying security needs of its customers.

Services Offered:

  • Automotive Key and Remote Services
  • Digital Locks Sales and Installation
  • Children’s Safety and Accident Prevention
  • General Locksmith Services

Why You Should Choose Keyeo Locks & Security

Customers have highly praised Keyeo for their professionalism and efficiency. Joel, a representative from Keyeo, has been particularly commended for his thorough approach to managing expectations and providing effective solutions. The company is known for its reasonable pricing and the ability to swiftly address a variety of lock-related problems, from vehicle lockouts to installing new locks. Their mobile key-making service has been a highlight for many customers, adding to the convenience of their services.

Keyeo’s commitment to providing professional, reliable solutions with a customer-centric approach makes them a standout choice in the locksmith industry in Singapore. Their extensive experience and focus on innovative products ensure a high standard of service delivery.

Keyeo Locks and Security

  • Availability: Keyeo Locks and Security is available 24/7
  • Location: They operate from mobile vans to stay always ready for their clients
  • Contact number: +65 91264066
  • Email: info@keyeo.com.sg
  • Website: https://keyeo.com.sg/

10. Ace Locksmith Singapore

Ace Locksmith Singapore is a reputable locksmith service provider known for its trustworthy and reasonably priced services. They are open 24 hours, ensuring round-the-clock assistance for any lock-related emergencies or needs. The company has garnered positive testimonials from clients for their swift and professional services, addressing various locksmith needs efficiently and effectively. Customers have particularly highlighted their prompt response to emergency calls and the quality of the workmanship.

Services Offered:

  • Emergency locksmith services
  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Lock installation and repair

Why You Should Choose Ace Locksmith Singapore

Choosing Ace Locksmith Singapore for your locksmith needs is a decision backed by strong customer testimonials and a reputation for providing swift, professional, and efficient services. Customers have consistently praised the company for its quick response times, even during late hours, and the professional handling of a variety of lock-related issues. Their services, which range from resolving door lock jams to lock replacements and maintenance advice, are highlighted for their quality and thoroughness.

Customers appreciate the prompt and professional service, often emphasizing the locksmiths’ ability to arrive quickly, efficiently solve the problem, and offer additional helpful advice on lock maintenance. This level of customer service has led to high recommendations and positive reviews.

Ace Locksmith Singapore:

  • Availability: Ace Locksmith Singapore is available 24/7
  • Location: 155 Bishan Street 13, Singapore 570155
  • Contact number: +65 97222003
  • Website: http://acelocksmithsingapore.com/

11. Soxxi Master

Source: Soxxi Master

Soxxi Master is a professional locksmith company in Singapore, known for its expertise in various locksmith services. They have established a reputation for providing reliable, efficient, and high-quality services. The company specializes in automotive locksmith services and offers a wide range of solutions for car key and remote problems. They are also equipped to handle residential and commercial locksmith needs, ensuring comprehensive security solutions. Soxxi Master is recognized for its commitment to customer satisfaction, employing a team of skilled locksmiths who are dedicated to resolving any lock-related issues promptly.

Services Offered:

  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Car key and remote solutions

Why You Should Choose Soxxi Master

Source: Soxxi Master

Choosing Soxxi Master for your locksmith needs is supported by numerous positive customer experiences and the company’s reputation. Established in 2007, Soxxi Master has become a well-known key-duplication service in Bishan and is among the Three Best Rated® Locksmiths in Singapore. They specialize in providing high-quality automotive keys and security products, and their services are known for being efficient and affordable.

Customers have consistently praised Soxxi Master for their excellent service, particularly noting the professionalism and deep industry knowledge of the staff. Many reviews mention the swift and helpful response in emergencies, such as lost motorbike keys or car key issues. The company is also appreciated for offering a wide range of choices and providing valuable advice on prolonging the life of keys.

Soxxi Master

  • Availability: Monday to Saturday, 9 am to 6 pm
  • Location: 37 Jalan Pemimpin, #07-16 Mapex, Singapore 577177 (opposite of Marymount MRT)
  • Contact number: +65 8833 0107/ +65 9114 0988
  • Website: https://www.soxximaster.com/

12. Locksmith in Singapore

Locksmith in SG, established in 1998, has been delivering quality and affordable locksmith services across Singapore. Catering to a diverse clientele, including residential and commercial clients, small firms, real estate agents, as well as police and government sectors, they have built a reputation for excellence. Their commitment to providing reliable services at competitive prices, combined with their extensive experience, has positioned them as a go-to provider for comprehensive locksmith solutions. Their expertise covers a wide range of needs, affirming their role as a trusted name in the locksmith industry for over two decades.

Services Offered:

  • Picking open, repairing, and changing wooden and glass door locks
  • Services for roller shutters and metal gates
  • Solutions for BTO room/main door locks, key safes, padlocks, roller door locks, and window locks
  • Emergency locksmith services

Why You Should Choose Locksmith in Singapore

Choosing Locksmith in Singapore for your locksmith needs is a decision supported by their long-standing reputation and customer feedback. Since its establishment in 1998, they have been providing quality and affordable locksmith services to a wide array of clients. Their extensive experience and reliability are well-acknowledged in the industry. However, it’s important to note that they do not offer car key services and some customers have mentioned a slow response rate in their reviews. Nonetheless, their long-standing presence in the industry and commitment to quality service make them a considerable choice for your locksmith requirements.

Locksmith in Singapore

  • Availability: Locksmith in Singapore is available 24/7
  • Location: They have 28 locations island-wide
  • Contact number: +6591687070
  • Website: https://locksmithinsg.com/

13. Best Locksmith Singapore

Best Locksmith Singapore is a professional locksmith service provider, specializing in a wide range of lock and key solutions. They offer services for residential, commercial, and automotive needs. The company is known for its high-security locks, access control systems, digital access, and monitoring systems, key extraction services, transponder keys, and garage door lock installations. They provide 24/7 emergency residential locksmith solutions, ensuring availability for any urgent situations. Their team is dedicated to bringing security and peace of mind to their clients.

Services Offered:

  • Residential locksmith services
  • Commercial locksmith services
  • Automotive locksmith services
  • Emergency lockout assistance
  • Door repair and replacement service

Why You Should Choose Best Locksmith Singapore

Best Locksmith Singapore has established itself as a reliable and efficient locksmith service provider. As such, there are many clients that boast about the company’s prompt arrival and efficient service. Their commitment to quality service at reasonable prices, combined with their long-standing experience, makes them a trusted choice for various locksmith needs. The company’s swift response time, ensuring immediate assistance, especially in emergencies, is one of its standout features. Customers appreciate their professionalism and the convenience of their communication and transportation services, making them a go-to option for lock emergencies in Singapore.

Best Locksmith Singapore:

  • Availability: 24/7
  • Location: 43D Bukit Batok West Avenue 8, #03-781, Singapore 654443
  • Contact number: +6531051243
  • Email: info@bestlocksmithsingapore.com
  • Website: https://www.bestlocksmithsingapore.com/

Final Thoughts

Singapore offers a diverse array of top-notch locksmith services, each bringing its unique expertise and solutions.

Whether you’re facing an emergency lockout, need sophisticated lock installations, or require specialized automotive services, these 13 locksmiths have proven their reliability, skill, and customer satisfaction. They stand out for their quick response times, professional expertise, and commitment to ensuring your security and peace of mind.

With a locksmith from this curated list, you can rest assured that your lock-related issues will be handled efficiently and effectively, showcasing the best of what Singapore’s locksmith industry has to offer.



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