15 Best Funeral Services in Singapore

Exploring funeral services can be a daunting task, especially during a time of grief and loss. We’ve created a comprehensive guide that aims to simplify this process by introducing a range of dignified and compassionate funeral services in Singapore.

We understand the importance of honouring loved ones with respect and care, which is why we’ve curated a list of reputable service providers. From traditional ceremonies to modern memorial services, our list encompasses various options to suit diverse needs and cultural practices. Whether you’re pre-planning or in immediate need, our guide will help you navigate through these crucial decisions with ease and understanding.


How Much Do Funeral Services Cost?

The cost of a funeral service in Singapore can vary significantly based on several factors, including the duration of the event, religious or cultural customs, and the specific services included in the package. Here’s a general overview of the costs based on different religious practices:

  • Buddhist Funeral Package: Depending on the duration (2 to 5 days), prices can range from $5,688 to $6,588 at an HDB void deck.
  • Christian Funeral Package: For a 2 to 5-day event at an HDB void deck, costs range from $4,588 to $5,488.
  • Freethinker Funeral Package: Similar to Christian funerals, the cost ranges from $4,588 to $5,488 for a 2 to 5-day wake.
  • Roman Catholic Funeral Package: The prices are comparable to Christian and Freethinker packages, ranging from $4,588 to $5,488 for 2 to 5 days.
  • Soka Funeral Package: This also falls in the same price range, between $4,588 to $5,488 for 2 to 5 days.
  • Taoist Funeral Package: These are generally more expensive, with prices ranging from $8,388 to $9,288 for 2 to 5 days, and an additional $600 if a Hakka Priest is involved.
  • Hindu Funeral Package: Generally, a basic Hindu funeral service can start around $4,000. However, for more elaborate services, the costs can increase to $10,000 or more.

Additionally, there are other costs to consider, such as cremation fees (ranging from $50 to $433 depending on the facility), columbarium niches, and ash scattering services, which can add to the overall cost of the funeral. Moreover, the venue for the wake influences the cost, with daily rates ranging from $550 in churches to $1,700-$1,800 in certain funeral parlours.

What Are the Usual Components of a Funeral Package?

A typical funeral package in Singapore usually includes several key components to ensure a respectful and comprehensive service for the deceased. These components are generally designed to cover all aspects of the funeral process, from the initial collection of the body to the final rites. Here’s an overview of what’s typically included:

  • Collection and Care of the Body: This includes the transportation of the deceased from the place of death to the funeral home, as well as the necessary care until the funeral service.
  • Embalming and Preparation: Professional embalming services to preserve the body, along with dressing and casketing. This step ensures that the deceased is presented respectfully for viewings and services.
  • Coffin or Casket: A range of coffins or caskets is usually offered, varying in material and design. In Singapore, wood coffins are commonly used.
  • Venue Arrangement: Arrangements for the wake venue can be at an HDB void deck, funeral parlour, or religious buildings like churches, depending on the preference and religious practices of the family.
  • Funeral Services and Ceremonial Items: This may include religious or secular service arrangements, including the provision of ceremonial items like prayer books, candles, and other relevant materials.
  • Floral Arrangements: Basic floral decorations for the wake and funeral service, including floral frames for the portrait of the deceased and table arrangements.
  • Funeral Day Logistics: Arrangements for the funeral procession, including transportation for the deceased and family members to the crematorium or burial site.
  • Cremation or Burial Services: Arrangements for the final rites, whether cremation or burial, including the booking of crematorium or burial plots.
  • Post-Funeral Rituals: In some cultures, particularly for Buddhist and Taoist funerals, there are post-funeral rituals that may be included in the package.
  • Miscellaneous Services: These can include the rental of portable toilets and fridges (for wakes held at HDB void decks), catering services for the wake, and funeral photography or videography.

1. Singapore Christian Funeral Services

Singapore Christian Funeral Services

Christian Funerals Singapore is a funeral service provider that specializes in Christian funeral arrangements. Their services are designed to respect Christian traditions and practices, providing a dignified and compassionate farewell to loved ones.

They offer a range of services specifically tailored for Christian funerals. These services include professional funeral planning and execution, medical certification, embalming, casket selection, and obituary arrangements, ensuring that each ceremony is conducted in accordance with Christian customs and traditions. They focus on providing compassionate support and guidance to families during their time of loss, ensuring that the funeral process is as smooth and respectful as possible.

Typically, Christian funeral services span around one hour and include several key elements. The ceremony begins with prayers, sermons, or readings to initiate the proceedings. This is followed by hymn singing, a traditional aspect meant to soothe the soul. During the service, family members and friends often share personal recollections and read poems, or verses to honour the memory of the deceased. The service concludes with a closing speech, bringing the ceremony to a respectful end.

Other Services:

  • Tent rentals
  • Chiller rentals
  • Toilet rentals
  • Bus service


  • The 3-day package inclusive of tentage, chiller, toilet and funeral necessities starts at $5,000, with a $350 fee per additional day
  • The comprehensive package, including the coffin, cremation, photo wreath, and other necessities starts at $3,100


38 Sin Ming Dr, #01-523/525, Singapore 575712

2. Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary

Singapore Funeral Sanctuary offers a variety of funeral services and packages tailored to different religious beliefs and personal preferences. Their services include Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, and non-religious funeral packages. Each package includes essential services tailored to the customs and rituals of these faiths, and they also offer customizable options to suit individual requirements and preferences.

Plus, Singapore Funeral Sanctuary has several funeral parlours for more comfort and convenience to clients. Locations include the Church of St. Theresa, St. Joseph Church, Church of St. Mary of the Angels, Church of the Holy Spirit, and Church of St. Stephen.

Additionally, they provide post-funeral services and support, ensuring comprehensive care and guidance for families during their time of loss. These services focus on assisting families with the various administrative and ceremonial matters that follow a funeral, including guidance on ash collection, tombstone installation, and advice on ancestral tablet placement. They also help with the necessary paperwork and arrangements for columbarium niches or sea burial services. Ultimately, they aim to provide families with support and advice during this important period of memorializing their loved ones.

Other Services:

  • Flower arrangements
  • Food catering
  • Space burial
  • Funeral hearse


  • The Buddhist Funeral Package with 3 days in the HDB or multi-purpose hall starts at $5,500
  • The Christian, Catholic, or Freethinker Package with 3 days in the HDB or multi-purpose hall begins at $4,500
  • The Taoist Funeral Package with 3 days in the HDB or multi-purpose hall starts at $7,500


52 Ubi Ave 3, Frontier, Singapore 408867

3. Memorial Funeral Specialist

Memorial Funeral Specialist

Memorial Funeral Specialist Pte Ltd, operating since 2014, positions itself as a compassionate and professional funeral service provider in Singapore. They emphasize affordability and transparency in their services, catering to a variety of needs with a team of experienced professionals.

Their offerings include a range of funeral packages, repatriation services, and resources for different religious and cultural preferences. Additionally, they provide pro bono services for straight-to-cremation processes, collaborating with charitable organizations to assist families in need.

Specifically, their funeral packages are tailored to different religious practices, including Buddhist, Christian, Taoist, Soka, Catholic, and free-thinker funerals. Each package is designed to cater to the specific rituals and traditions of these faiths, providing comprehensive services from the preparation of the body to the funeral procession.

Other Services:

  • Sea burial
  • Exhumation
  • Columbarium services
  • Inland ash scattering (IAS)
  • Tentages
  • Memorial halls


  • The Buddhist Funeral Package for 2 to 5 days ranges from $4,988 to $5,788
  • Taoist funerals cost between $7,988 to $8,888
  • Christian and Roman Catholic funerals cost $3,980 to $4,780
  • A direction cremation without a wake begins at $1,300


22 Sin Ming Lane #06-76, Midview City Singapore 573969

4. Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services

Embrace Funeral Services is known for providing dignified and comprehensive funeral services for various religious practices. They cater to Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, and Free Thinker funerals with an array of funeral packages.

Moreover, their services include pre-funeral planning, execution of the funeral, and post-funeral support. Embrace Funeral Services is also recognized for its designer caskets, repatriation services, and assistance with grave exhumation and sea burial services.

This funeral home distinguishes itself through a commitment to providing personalized and compassionate funeral services. They place a strong emphasis on understanding and respecting the unique traditions and beliefs of different families and religions. Ultimately, they are dedicated to ensuring that each funeral is a meaningful and respectful experience for the families they serve.

Lastly, Embrace Funeral Services offers comprehensive post-funeral services to assist families after the funeral ceremony. These services include handling administrative matters, guidance on ash collection, and advice on tombstone installation and ancestral tablet placement.

Other Services:

  • Children’s funeral services
  • Funeral emcee
  • Limbs and body parts cremation
  • Direct cremation


  • The sea burial package starts at $180
  • A direct cremation funeral costs $1,600 upwards
  • Christian, Catholic, and Free-Thinker (3 days) funeral packages start at $4,999
  • Taoist funerals begin at $8,288
  • The 3-day Buddhist Funeral Package starts at $5,999


Proxima @ Gambas, 50 Gambas Crescent #06-11 Singapore 757022

5. Empathy Funeral Service

Empathy Funeral Service

Empathy Funeral Service in Singapore, led by Eugene Tan, provides compassionate and professional funeral services with a focus on affordability and quality. They offer a customised, one-stop solution for funeral arrangements, specializing in Buddhist and Taoist funerals and understanding the importance of rituals in these communities.

Their services include funeral pre-planning, set-up organization, provision of funeral supplies, and engaging religious figures. In addition to Buddhist and Taoist services, they also cater to Christian and non-religious funerals, including direct cremation.

What sets Empathy Funeral Service apart is that they have direct vendors, eliminating the need to outsource additional services and thus reducing the cost of their funeral packages. This also ensures all funerals go as smoothly as possible without unexpected events, which are more likely with third-party vendors.

Furthermore, Empathy Funeral Service distinguishes itself by offering extensive care for both the deceased and their families even after the funeral. Their post-funeral services include organizing sea burials, facilitating ancestral tablet moving ceremonies, conducting columbarium prayers, and managing Gong Teck rites.

Other Services:

  • Memorial
  • Administrative support
  • Monks and priests


  • The Buddhist Funeral Package (HDB Void Deck) for 3 days starts at $5,588
  • Christian and Roman Catholic funeral packages (HDB Void Deck) for 3 days cost $4,588
  • A Taoist funeral for 3 days will cost $7,588
  • Direct cremation only costs $1,300


6 Yishun Industrial Street 1 #08-13 North View Bizhub Singapore 768090

6. Amazing Grace Bereavement Care

Amazing Grace Bereavement Care

Amazing Grace Bereavement Care provides compassionate funeral services to honour the memory of loved ones. They offer a variety of funeral packages, including services at HDB estates, homes, or parlours, tailored to meet individual needs and preferences.

The company emphasizes the importance of commemorating the life and spirit of the departed and provides guidance and support through experienced funeral consultants. Their services include bereavement procedures, international repatriation, and hearses, among others, ensuring families can get everything they need without the need for outsourcing.

Furthermore, Amazing Grace Bereavement Care offers funeral parlours in Singapore that provide a serene and respectful environment for conducting funeral services. Their parlours are designed to cater to the needs of different families, offering a comfortable and dignified space for paying last respects. Moreover, the parlours are equipped to accommodate various religious customs and practices, ensuring that the services are conducted in a manner that honours the life and beliefs of the deceased.

Lastly, they work with reputable florists to beautify funerals, including Far East Flora, Ferns n Petals, and Simply Hamper.

Other Services:

  • Regular and premium casket selection
  • Direct funerals
  • Urn selection


Quotations are available via their enquiry link


84 Geylang Bahru, #01-2678, Geylang Bahru Industrial Estate, Singapore 339692

7. Hock Hin Undertaker

Hock Hin Undertaker

Hock Hin Undertaker provides comprehensive funeral services in Singapore. They offer a range of packages including Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Roman Catholic, and Secular funerals. With over 60 years of experience, they specialize in personalized services, understanding local funeral rites, customs, and practices. Additionally, they focus on modernizing funeral experiences with aesthetically pleasing decorations and comfortable funeral parlour setups.

Their services are flexible, catering to unique family preferences and budgets. These include immediate cremation, obituary services, funeral flower arrangements, and international repatriation.

Most importantly, Hock Hin Undertaker offers a one-stop solution for funeral services. They specialize in handling all aspects of funeral arrangements, providing a hassle-free experience for families during a difficult time. Their services include managing all necessary preparations, from venue setup to religious rituals, ensuring a respectful and dignified funeral process.


  • The basic 3-day Buddhist package starts from $5,288
  • 3-day Taoist funerals cost $8,000 upwards
  • Secular or free-thinker funeral packages start at $4,280 for a 3-day service
  • Christian and Roman Catholic funerals cost $4,000 and up for 3 days


38 Sin Ming Dr, Singapore 575712

8. Hosanna Eternal Services

Hosanna Eternal Services

Hosanna Eternal Services, led by Ricky Guok, is a funeral service provider with over 20 years of experience. They specialize in Christian bereavement services, offering a one-stop solution for various funeral needs.

Their services include professional embalming, international repatriation, hearse services, night watches, casket selection, floral wreaths, reception and refreshments, and live streaming. Their experienced team ensures that every aspect of the funeral process is handled with care and respect, providing personalized support to families during their time of loss.

Moreover, Hosanna Eternal Services guides families on what to do when a loved one dies, providing comprehensive pre-planning guides to make the process more manageable.

Lastly, Hosanna Eternal Services offers a variety of wake venues across the country to accommodate different preferences and needs for funeral services, including churches and chapels. Their venues are designed to provide a comfortable and respectful environment for families and friends to gather, pay their respects, and commemorate the life of the departed.

Other Services:

  • Casket selection
  • Handling of ashes
  • Tentage
  • Sea burial


  • Exact quotations are available upon request through their contact page


Block 4 Toa Payoh Industrial Park, #01-1333, Singapore 319056

9. Serenity Casket & Funerals

Serenity Casket & Funerals

Serenity Casket & Funerals offers a comprehensive range of funeral services with a focus on personal care and attention to the needs of bereaved families. Their funeral packages are designed to cater to various preferences, including Christian, Catholic, and Freethinker funeral services. Additionally, they provide a straightforward cremation option.

Key services offered by Serenity Casket & Funerals include transfer services, high-quality caskets, professional female embalmers, natural cosmetic services, a Maserati Premier Limo Hearse, after-funeral services, photo enlargement and printing, and full memorial setups. Their packages are all-inclusive and are designed to alleviate the stress and pressure of planning a funeral, allowing families to focus on grieving and honouring their loved ones.

Furthermore, Serenity Casket & Funerals is known for its 24/7 availability, providing support and assistance at every step of the funeral process. They are committed to delivering dignified and affordable services, with options such as legal advice, graveside support, memorial services, and more.

Other Services:

  • Repatriation
  • Inland ash scattering garden
  • Livestreaming


  • Their all-inclusive package, including all funeral necessities, starts at $3,600


89 Geylang Bahru, Singapore 339697

10. Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Ang Chin Moh Funeral Directors

Ang Chin Moh Group, a well-established funeral service provider, offers a wide range of funeral services tailored to different religious beliefs including Buddhist, Taoist, Catholic, Christian, and non-denominational funerals. With a history dating back to 1912, has evolved over the years to become a one-stop funeral service provider, catering to the diverse needs of the community in Singapore.

They are known for their care, compassion, and dignity in serving grieving families and the dearly departed. To make funeral planning easier for families, Ang Chin Moh offers FuneralSure, a funeral pre-planning service. This process typically involves making decisions about funeral arrangements ahead of time, which can include choices about the type of funeral, specific services desired, and financial planning. The goal is to ease the burden on family members during a time of loss and to ensure that one’s final wishes are respected.

Furthermore, Ang Chin Moh offers post-funeral support and assistance to families after the funeral. These services may include managing legal and administrative matters, providing grief support, and helping with memorialization activities, such as keepsake jewellery.

Other Services:

  • Sea burial
  • Columbarium
  • Inland ash scattering
  • Memorial diamond
  • Repatriation
  • Green funeral


Quotations for packages are available upon enquiry


Blk 88 Geylang Bahru #01-2724 Singapore 339696

11. Nirvana Fugui

Nirvana Fugui

Nirvana Memorial Garden, established in 2009, offers a comprehensive suite of funeral services catering to different religious and cultural needs. Their services are marked by a blend of traditional customs, modern facilities, and professional handling, ensuring a dignified farewell for the departed.

Nirvana Memorial Garden provides various funeral service packages tailored to specific religious practices, such as Buddhism and Christianity. These packages include essential services like embalming, funeral setup, prayer services, and professional handling of the deceased’s remains. In particular, their packages for Buddhist funerals include chanting by monks and traditional funeral decorations, while the Christian funeral packages focus on memorial services and coordination with churches.

Nirvana also offers post-funeral services such as afterlife settlement for the spirit of the deceased, offerings, mourning rituals, urn interment, and commemoration of anniversaries. These services align with traditional Chinese funeral customs and family traditions, integrating respected Buddhist rituals.

On a particular note, the Nirvana Memorial Garden is designed with a professional Feng Shui setup and includes amenities like a columbarium, ancestral pedestals, prayer halls, and facilities for ceremonies. Particularly, the Garden emphasizes creating a respectful and dignified environment for both the departed and their families.

Other Services:

  • Niche relocation
  • Ancestral tablets


  • Best prices for funeral packages are available upon request through their website


950 Old Choa Chu Kang Rd, Singapore 699816

12. Direct Funeral Services

Direct Funeral Services

Direct Funeral Services offers a wide array of funeral services and packages, catering to different needs and budgets. They are known for their compassionate and respectful approach, ensuring a dignified send-off for everyone.

The company provides comprehensive funeral services for various religious beliefs, including Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Roman Catholic, SOKA, and freethinker traditions. They have a team of experienced professionals and a network of partners worldwide to support different aspects of funeral services, including repatriation.

Direct Funeral Services offers both standard and customized funeral packages. They also offer casket customization services to cater to individual preferences. The caskets are sourced globally from reputable suppliers, ensuring quality and variety.

For wakes, they suggest several locations, such as void decks, multi-purpose halls, precinct pavilions, funeral parlours, private properties, places of worship, state land, and even Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) car parks.

Other Services:

  • Condolence messages from guests
  • Mitsuoka hearse
  • Funeral wreaths
  • Grief counseling
  • Pet cremation


  • The standard packages, inclusive of 3 days of funeral service, start at $5,000
  • Direct cremation costs $1,600 upwards


127 Lavender Street, Singapore 338735

13. Singapore Funeral Alliance

Singapore Funeral Alliance

Singapore Funeral Alliance provides a comprehensive range of funeral services tailored to various religious and cultural needs. The services are designed to be both dignified and affordable, with a focus on professionalism, customization, and transparency in pricing.

Each package includes essential services such as a cremation casket, embalming, memorial setup, tables, chairs, and transportation to the church for funeral masses where applicable. The Alliance also offers direct cremation services, which are crafted according to different religious practices.

Furthermore, the Singapore Funeral Alliance provides post-funeral customary advice. This includes guidance on the placement of the memorial tablet, incense urn, and the deceased’s photograph, as well as organizing chanting/prayer services during the 49 days of prayer following the funeral. Additionally, they offer columbarium services and assistance with sea or inland ash scattering.

Other Services:

  • International repatriation
  • Crypt burial system


  • A simple Buddhist funeral costs $4,800 and up
  • Roman Catholic, Christian, Soka Gakkai, and Free-thinker funerals are available from $4588 for 3 days
  • Taoist funerals start from $7588 for 3 days.


3025 Ubi Rd 3, 04-141 Industrial Estate Singapore 408653

14. The Life Celebrant

The Life Celebrant

The Life Celebrant (TLC) offers a range of funeral services, accommodating various religious and cultural preferences. Their services are tailored to honour the unique journey of each life they celebrate, with a focus on compassionate and respectful handling of all funeral arrangements. These include Buddhist, Taoist, Christian, Catholic, Soka, and Free-Thinker funerals.        

Their funeral packages are designed to cater to specific religious requirements and family preferences. These packages typically include casket selection, embalming services, memorial setup, transportation, and post-funeral arrangements. TLC offers the flexibility to customize these packages to suit the unique wishes of the deceased and their families.

Understanding the importance of post-funeral care, TLC also assists with arrangements such as burial or cremation, transportation logistics, and ash collection. They also provide support for memorial services on significant days as per religious traditions. Additionally, TLC offers grief counselling and bereavement services to help families cope with their loss and find healing.

Furthermore, TLC’s experienced funeral directors guide families through the process, ensuring a dignified and respectful farewell. They offer funeral pre-planning services, enabling individuals to express their final wishes and relieve their loved ones of decision-making during a difficult time.

Other Services:

  • Green burial
  • Sea burial
  • Will-writing
  • International repatriation


A non-obligatory quote is available upon request on their official website


Blk 89 Geylang Bahru Industrial Estate #01-2738, Singapore 339697

15. Singapore Casket

Singapore Casket

Singapore Casket, a prominent funeral service provider located on Lavender Street, has been serving the community since 1920. They offer a comprehensive range of funeral services tailored to suit various religious and cultural preferences, which are not only professional but also customizable to meet the specific needs and financial considerations of each family.

Moreover, Singapore Casket is known for its ability to organize affordable and dignified funerals that align with the family’s wishes. Their expertise extends to managing the complexities involved in international funeral repatriation, boasting over 60 years of experience in this area.

In terms of post-funeral matters, Singapore Casket offers comprehensive support. This includes grief support and assistance with various post-funeral arrangements, ensuring families receive the necessary help during their time of mourning. Additionally, they provide services like pre-planning and will-writing, helping individuals and families prepare for the future in a thoughtful and organized manner.

In addition, Singapore Casket has embraced digital convenience by offering a range of online services to assist families during the funeral planning process. One of their key online offerings is HeavenMSG.com, a unique platform that allows individuals to send heartfelt messages and tributes to their departed loved ones, fostering a sense of connection and closure. Another significant digital resource is the My Legacy portal, which is likely designed to help with managing post-funeral arrangements and pre-planning needs.

Other Services:

  • Memento gemstone
  • Guardian care
  • Exhumation & remain relocation
  • Online flower orders


  • 3-day funeral packages in their funeral parlours start at $600
  • The funeral package at Woodlands Memorial begins at $1,800
  • Funeral rites in their memorial halls cost between $550 to $650 and up


131 Lavender Street, Singapore 338737

Final Thoughts

Our exploration of the best funeral services in Singapore provides a comprehensive guide to some of the most empathetic, professional, and respectful funeral service providers in the city. Each service offers unique features and specialized care, ensuring that regardless of cultural, religious, or personal preferences, there’s a dignified and fitting farewell available for every individual. This list is an invaluable resource for those facing the challenging task of planning a funeral for a loved one.


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