Fascinating First-Hand Fortune Telling Stories From Singapore

I have been curious about fortune telling.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to know about their future right?

Though I get it, we make our own destiny. We are the ones in control.

That said, sometimes, I think it is good to have a little guidance or direction; something to work towards.

With that, I have scoured the bowels of Reddit to find first-hand experiences of people with regard to fortune telling in the hopes of quenching our curiosities about this mystical craft.

I have found three interesting stories.


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Now, here are some first-hand experiences I’ve found.

1) Bazi Reading

u/Catbear83 shares his experience on Bazi Reading on a thread at r/askSingpore:

According to him, he once detested any fortune telling experience as he believes that fate lies in our own hands. However, a chance encounter with a master during a very bad year changed his mind.

“The things he predicted, he was able to tell me with stunning accuracy such as being able to predict which years did, I meet my ex-gfs in the past, along with which years I will meet future partners and even my wife. He was able to tell me which years subsequently will be good or bad for me and what the effects of each year will be.

Over the course of it all, I spent a fair amount of time to ask him a lot of questions, to better understand how this system of fate and luck works.

I’m sure people will jump the gun and say self-fulfilling prophecy, but if a person can predict for you which exact year (past and future) a partner will appear and I didn’t even need to lift a finger to chase that person, you have to tell me how I self-fulfil that into existence so that I can start a workshop when there are so many people here on reddit who have difficulties finding a partner.

Over the years, many of my friends, colleagues, even mentees have been convinced and have also asked me to help them consult the master. Many of the predictions came true for them as well. He has predicted which years partners will show up for some of my friends as well and it has turned true as well.”

Apparently, his reading was a decade ago yet as he reflects upon that reading, he is still amazed at how accurate his reading has been.

2) Tarot Card Reading

u/Thinkywinkie shares her tarot card reading experience on a thread at r/askSingapore.

According to her, she got a card tarot card reading service from Carousel. What she asked during the session was about her relationship.

“Truth to be told, they are there to provide you an understanding and insight of their interpretation regarding your problem/situation and provide guidance on what recommended steps to take moving forward. Their advise isn’t meant to be forced upon and implemented, but merely to give you a clearer understanding of the possible outcomes. It’s also nice to talk to someone without bias opinions and to seek truthful advise that are meant to shape you take on the better pathway. Eg: stuck on looping toxic relationship, blame urself for not being good enough but at the end u realise that no matter how much u change ur partner is probably the toxic asshole. Reaffirms u to break it off & move on for the betterment of urself 🙂 or u can stay stubborn n be sad for life… ultimately the future is ur call lor!

Definitely worth trying! Don’t think got ghosts or spirits involvement all that lar 😳”

She has shared that people often have a preconceived notion that tarot reading is scary or a scam. However, after her experience, she found out it was rather enlightening since her reader engaged her in a conversation to draw out thoughts and ideas that she already knew but had suppressed for some reason. In the end, she realised that stereotypes about it are false and tarot card reading is worth trying.

3) General fortune telling from a Fengshui master

Samples master only.
Not the master told in the story.

u/the_cow_unicorn shares his story on a threat at r/askSingapore.

He prefaces his story by saying that there is some truth to fortune telling and Fengshui masters. However, what they say is not always straightforward.

“I accompanied my wife to a fortune reading once, he somehow got pretty accurate predictions on my past and even “saw” some pretty personal stuff regarding a past relationship.

But the point that made me really believe in his ability was actually in fortune telling of what was coming up in the near future for me. Basically, it started off with the typical, this week so and so will come to you with some request for money, if you help, bad things will happen so avoid lending money this particular week.

Then he got to two consecutive weeks where he said, law enforcement will be approaching me, he couldn’t understand why police would look for me but he was sure that there will be contacts with police. So this pretty much freaked me out, like wtf did I do or will do or will experience that will cause a police investigation for two weeks right??

This made me live extremely safely and law abiding. I drove under speed limits, I checked both ways when turning a ridiculous number of times, I never jaywalked, I was so cautious about everything that could possibly be law breaking because I didn’t want to go to jail.

When the respective two weeks came about, I did get approached by two separate police divisions. TO PLAN AND EXECUTE THEIR DINNER AND DANCE. I was working in the events industry, and we were doing tenders to manage the police annual dinner and dances, we won two divisions dnds and we were awarded the project in consecutive weeks. So, the fengshui master was right he just didn’t know if it was a positive or a negative.”

Given this experience, while he did believe that there is some truth to what masters say, it is not always so straightforward. As such, this experience caused him to live his life overly cautiously. He had also experienced a lot of anxiety due to this prediction. Suffice it to say, he will not try fortune telling again.

Final Thoughts

While sure, there were only three stories, they all were varied and had given context on how fortune telling sessions go and what the people may have felt afterward.

The first story talked about how fortune telling can be a source of direction in life while the second story demystified what goes on in a fortune telling session.

While the last story may have been a bit negative, it can serve as a cautionary tale on how we should approach fortune telling and how it is not as straightforward as it seems.

Nevertheless, I hope I was able to satisfy your curiosity about this craft while also encouraging you to take a gander at it yourself.


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