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Electrician Singapore

When you’re in need of electrical repairs or installations, an electrician Singapore residents trust is crucial for ensuring both safety and efficiency. In the vibrant city-state of Singapore, the role of electricians extends far beyond simple wiring tasks. These professionals are instrumental in maintaining the city’s dazzling skyline, ensuring that homes, offices, and industrial spaces operate smoothly. With the ever-growing demand for electrical services, Singapore’s electricians are continually updating their skills to meet technological advancements and strict safety standards. This article delves into the diverse array of electrician services available in Singapore, highlighting their importance in the everyday life of its residents and businesses.

How much do electricians in Singapore charge?

Electricians in Singapore offer a range of services, and their charges can vary depending on several factors including the complexity of the job, the experience of the electrician, and the urgency of the service required. Here’s a general overview of the pricing structure for electrician services in Singapore:

  • Standard Electrical Services: Basic electrical works such as switch and socket replacements typically range from SGD 40 to SGD 80. Installing new light fixtures or ceiling fans may cost between SGD 50 to SGD 150, depending on the complexity.
  • Advanced Electrical Services: More complex tasks like wiring or rewiring parts of a home or office can cost between SGD 100 to SGD 500, depending on the scope. Upgrading electrical panels or circuit breaker replacements generally start from SGD 200 and can go higher based on the specifications.
  • Emergency Services: For urgent electrical repairs, electricians may charge a premium. Emergency services can start from SGD 100 and go upwards, especially if it’s after hours or on weekends.
  • Consultation and Inspection Fees: Some electricians charge for site visits, which can range from SGD 30 to SGD 70, but these might be waived if you engage their services.
  • Hourly Rates: Electricians may charge an hourly rate, particularly for lengthy projects. These rates typically range from SGD 40 to SGD 80 per hour.

It’s important to note that these are estimated prices, and actual costs may vary. Always request a detailed quote before hiring an electrician to avoid unexpected charges.

How much does it cost to rewire a house in Singapore?

The cost of rewiring a house in Singapore can vary significantly based on several factors, including the size of the house, the complexity of the wiring, the quality of materials used, and the rates of the electrical service provider.

Several factors influence the cost of rewiring a house:

  • Size and Layout of the Property: Larger homes with more rooms require more wiring, sockets, and switches, increasing the overall cost.
  • Quality of Materials: The choice of materials (e.g., copper vs. aluminum wiring, type of switches and sockets) can affect the cost. Higher quality or specialized materials typically cost more.
  • Complexity of the Installation: Complex layouts, or the need to thread wires through hard-to-reach areas, can add to the labor costs.
  • Age of the Property: Older properties might need more extensive work, including upgrading or replacing the existing electrical panels, which can add to the cost.
  • Standard of Work: Hiring certified and experienced electricians usually incurs a higher cost but ensures quality and compliance with safety standards.

It’s important to get a detailed quote from a licensed electrician or electrical contractor who can assess the specific needs of your property. They can provide a more accurate estimate based on your house’s unique requirements and the current market rates for electrical services in Singapore. Remember, while cost is a significant factor, it’s crucial to prioritize safety and quality workmanship in electrical projects.

1. AVV Electricals

AVV Electricals

AVV Electricals is a registered electrical service provider in Singapore, holding a Telecommunications Wiring License No. IW105262 and being ME02 Certified with SC2 Singapore. The company employs professional electricians who are licensed by the Energy Market Authority (EMA) of Singapore, ensuring a high standard of service and expertise in the field. This background reflects the company’s commitment to providing quality electrical services, underpinned by recognized qualifications and certifications.

Their service range includes electrical installations, maintenance, and repairs for both residential and commercial clients. AVV Electricals offers emergency electrical assistance, ceiling fan repair, power failure troubleshooting, home and office rewiring, light and socket installations, and repair of power points and light switches. Additionally, they provide specialized services such as CCTV installation, water heater and aircon wiring, intercom systems, and data wiring. Their expertise lies in identifying and resolving electrical issues, focusing on rewiring and trunking to minimize wall damage.

AVV Electricals offers around-the-clock services across Singapore, ensuring availability 24/7 for their clients. They provide a free service estimate and can reach clients’ locations within 30 minutes of a call, showcasing their commitment to prompt and efficient service. The company also emphasizes safety and compliance, with a guarantee that all materials and equipment used meet or exceed local electrical codes. They also offer a three-month warranty on parts for any electrical service and a delivery date guarantee, ensuring that electrical panel and service-replacement projects are completed as promised. 

Price: Contact AVV Electricals for a quote

Phone Number: +65 9169 4893


Location: 21 Toh Guan Rd E, Toh Guan Center, Singapore 608609

2. A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore

A1 Handyman Singapore offers a wide range of handyman services, including plumbing, electrical, aircon servicing, rubbish chute, water heater, door repair, handyman drilling, furniture assembly, and various installation services. The team is comprised of highly experienced professionals, including EMA Licensed Electricians who specialize in various electrical services. They are known for delivering genuine workmanship and are equipped with several years of experience in their respective fields.

The electrical services offered by A1 Handyman Singapore cater to a variety of needs. These include socket installation or replacement, light installation or replacement (excluding chandeliers), ceiling fan installation or replacement, and power trip repair solutions. They also provide specialized electrical troubleshooting services, aimed at efficiently diagnosing and resolving electrical issues while prioritizing safety and functionality. Additionally, they offer electrical repair services for various issues ranging from minor inconveniences to more critical concerns such as wiring faults or damaged electrical panels. Their circuit breaker services are flexible and cost-effective, and they also offer comprehensive electrical services for HDB properties.

A1 Handyman Singapore operates seven days a week, providing reliable customer support and offering services at affordable and reasonable pricing. They are equipped to handle emergency electrician services, ensuring prompt response to urgent electrical issues like fuse blowouts, non-functional light bulbs, or sparking sockets. Their readiness to provide emergency services at any hour underscores their commitment to ensuring the safety and well-being of their clients’ properties in Singapore.

Price: Contact A1 Handyman Singapore for a quote

Phone Number: +65 8241 0032


Location: 1090 Lower Delta Road, #03-07L, Singapore 169201

3. LS Handyman

LS Handyman

LS Handyman is a team of seasoned professionals, distinguished by their commitment to delivering high-quality handyman services. Each electrician on their roster brings a wealth of expertise, backed by professional qualifications and certifications. They are not only well-trained but continually undergo further training to stay abreast of the latest industry standards and practices. Moreover, the electricians at LS Handyman are celebrated for their years of experience.

The range of services offered by LS Handyman is comprehensive, catering to a wide array of electrical needs. Whether it’s a residential, commercial, or industrial setting, their team is equipped with the latest tools and technologies to address any electrical issue. Services include basic installations like power sockets, lighting, and switches, to more complex tasks such as house rewiring and water heater installations. Their ability to handle various tasks, from installing ceiling and wall fans to exhaustive rewiring projects, underlines their versatility and skill in the electrical domain.

LS Handyman’s reach extends throughout Singapore, ensuring that their services are accessible to a wide clientele. Recognizing the unpredictable nature of electrical issues, they offer 24/7 emergency services, demonstrating their commitment to being a reliable support for their customers. This round-the-clock availability, coupled with their policy of offering free consultations, highlights their dedication to customer service and their understanding of the importance of maintaining a well-functioning electrical system in every home or business.

Price: Contact LS Handyman for a quote

Phone Number: 68544992


Location: 45 Sims Dr, #12-152, Singapore 380045

4. FixinGuru


FixinGuru Pte Ltd is an established handyman and cleaning service company in Singapore, boasting over a decade of experience in the industry. They have built a strong customer base throughout Singapore, providing a range of services to various clients. FixinGuru simplifies the process of home maintenance by offering comprehensive handyman services, followed by a single consolidated bill, eliminating the need to engage with multiple service providers. Their electricians possess the necessary skills and experience to handle a variety of electrical issues, including fixing short circuits and damaged wires, as well as electrical fitting jobs.

FixinGuru offers a diverse range of electrical services, including socket installation and replacement, light installation and replacement, ceiling fan installation and replacement, power trip repair solutions, and doorbell installation. They also specialize in condo rewiring, ensuring electrical systems are safe, efficient, and up-to-date. For HDB flats, they provide comprehensive wiring and rewiring services, catering to both new and older units, ensuring safety, efficiency, and compliance with local regulations. Their services are not only high-quality but also tailored to meet the specific electrical needs of both condos and HDB flats.

FixinGuru is known for its flexibility in service arrangements and pricing, making them an attractive choice for customers seeking customizable handyman services. They offer reliable services at affordable and transparent fees, quoting based on the scope of work required.


  • Wall fan installation starts at $120
  • Ceiling fan installation starts at $250
  • Electrical socket installation or replacement costs start at $120, including materials
  • Light bulb installation or replacement ranges from $80 to $120, including materials
  • Light switch installation or replacement starts at  $120, including materials
  • Additional power outlet installation starts at $150, including materials
  • 15AMP Aircon point installation starts at  $200, including materials
  • New distribution board installation costs between $800 and $1200, including materials
  • Dimmer switch point installationstarts at $150, including materials
  • Rewiring a three-room HDB starts at $2800, including materials
  • Rewiring a four-room HDB starts at $3800, including materials
  • Rewiring a five-room HDB starts from $4800, including materials

Phone Number: +65 87979735 / +65 87979745 


Location: 18 Boon Lay Way, Tradehub 21, Singapore 609966

5. Yi Leng Service

Yi Leng Service

Yi Leng Service, with over 30 years of experience, has established itself as a proficient provider in the field of electrical works, cable solutions, TV brackets, and mounting. Their extensive experience lends itself to a comprehensive understanding of installation, maintenance, and repair works across various sectors. The team at Yi Leng Service prioritizes client needs, ensuring that each project meets its objectives with high-quality materials and genuine workmanship, aiming for customer satisfaction through their seasoned expertise.

The range of services offered by Yi Leng Service is diverse, catering to residential, commercial, industrial, and government sectors in Singapore. They are adept at fitting their products and services into various environments and premises, demonstrating versatility across different settings. Their specialties include projector supply and installation, data and LAN cable solutions, TV bracket and mounting services, and CCTV installation. These services are tailored for various applications, from home installations and commercial maintenance to industrial repairs.

Yi Leng Service is committed to delivering a full spectrum of services, from planning and installation to testing, ensuring customer satisfaction with the final outcome. They pride themselves on using high-quality materials and delivering skilled workmanship. Furthermore, Yi Leng Service offers warranties for all their products and services, adding value and assurance to their clientele.

Price: Contact Yi Leng Service for a quote

Phone Number: 9459 2886


Location: 32 Defu Lane 10, Singapore 539213

6. Electricman


Electricman, with over 20 years of experience and having served more than 1000 customers in Singapore, specializes in electrical installation, maintenance, and electrical services. Their approach combines efficiency and cost-effectiveness, emphasizing personalized service without compromising on workmanship. With a history dating back to 1997, Electricman has developed solutions for a wide range of electrical issues in various homes, priding themselves on quality, reliability, and competitive pricing. Their commitment ensures minimal disruption during service, maximizing customer value.

Electricman provides a broad spectrum of electrical services for both residential and commercial settings in Singapore. Their residential and HDB electrical services include inspections, testing, maintenance, and repairs, ranging from minor jobs like socket installation to complete rewiring. They also specialize in general electrical repairs, outdoor lighting, internet cable installation, LED lighting, electrical testing and rewiring, fuse board replacements, and residential CCTV installation. For commercial properties, Electricman offers services like power troubleshooting, CCTV system installation, data wiring, and LED lighting solutions for various establishments including restaurants, hotels, schools, and factories.

Electricman is well-equipped to handle emergency electrical services, addressing power failures, wiring problems, and blackouts throughout Singapore. They are available 24/7, including weekends and public holidays, ready to respond with the necessary tools and a customer-friendly approach. They offer competitive pricing with transparent quotations, ensuring clients are aware of any major requirements without unexpected costs.

Price: Contact Electricman for a quote

Phone Number: 97393979


Location: Blk 359 Woodlands Ave 5, #01-362, Singapore 730359

7. Elite Electricians

Elite Electricians

Elite Electricians, a professional electrical service provider, offers a range of electrical solutions in Singapore. The team comprises trained electricians skilled in various electrical tasks, from basic installations to complex rewiring projects. They utilize modern technology tools, ensuring that each job is executed with precision and safety. The company specializes in HDB electrical wiring, demonstrating an adeptness in both residential and commercial environments. Elite Electricians’ commitment to quality installation and adherence to Singapore’s safety protocols ensures reliable and secure electrical services.

Elite Electricians offers a comprehensive range of electrical services for both indoor and outdoor settings, catering to residential and commercial clients in Singapore. Their expertise includes sensor light installation, light switch replacement, power socket and electrical socket installation, along with more complex tasks like ceiling fan, power point, and wall socket installations. They also handle distribution board and breaker panel installations, and provide tailored solutions for intricate projects like home theatres and backup generators.

The company assures full availability for emergency electrical services, with a quick response system in place. They are available 24/7 for any electrical emergencies, providing full assistance and guidance. Whether for routine installations or urgent electrical needs, Elite Electricians is equipped to handle a variety of electrical tasks, ensuring safety and reliability for their clients in Singapore.

Price: Contact Elite Electricians for a quote

Phone Number: +65 9382 0478


Location: 11 Kallang Place, #07-01, Singapore 339155

8. 1st Electrical Services

1st Electrical Services

1st Electrical Services is a reputable provider of a wide array of electrical services. With 20 years of experience and a customer base comprising hundreds of satisfied clients, the company has established itself as a dependable choice in the electrical services industry. Their team consists of EMA licensed electricians, skilled in inspecting and rectifying faulty wiring installations, ensuring professional and guaranteed results for every project.

The company specializes in a comprehensive range of electrical services. These include electrical wiring, power socket installation, lighting installation, electrical repairs, and bulb or tube replacement. Additionally, they offer services like water heater installation, plumbing, and switchboard parts repair or replacement. Their emergency electrical services cover power failures, troubleshooting and repair of power issues, whole or partial wiring and rewiring, water heater installation, and repair or replacement of faulty power points, light switches, and heater switches. They also excel in the installation, repair, and replacement of lighting, sockets, lighting fixtures, circuit breakers, and distribution boards.

1st Electrical Services provides its services throughout Singapore, with a team of licensed electricians available 24/7, every day of the year. Their readiness is supported by a fleet of vehicles, enabling them to offer swift and efficient service. The company is well-equipped to handle emergency situations, offering on-site visits for emergency power failures. Additionally, they provide repair options to fit various budgets, accompanied by expert advice, making their services accessible and customizable to client needs.

Price: Contact 1st Electrical Services for a quote

Phone Number: +65 9848 0111


Location: 8 Lakepoint Drive, #01-45, Singapore 648926

9. CWC Electrical Engineering Service

CWC Electrical Engineering Service

CWC Electrical Engineering Service, a government-licensed firm, brings over two decades of experience in electrical installation, maintenance, and repair work. Their licensed electricians perform thorough site surveys and audits before commencing any project, ensuring compliance with the Singapore Standard CP5 1998 (ICS 29.020), the Code of Practice for Electrical Installations. This adherence to standards guarantees safe and professional electrical services. CWC’s electricians, licensed by EMA/BCA/IDA, offer expertise in handling various projects, including Service & Maintenance Agreements for MCST, companies, and town councils in Singapore, showcasing their capability in managing contractual electrical works.

CWC Electrical Engineering Service provides a comprehensive array of electrical services for both residential and commercial sectors. Their capabilities include designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining electrical installations up to 1000 volts and 45 kVA. Their diverse services encompass home lighting design, power failure repair, exhaust fan installation, electrical upgrades, troubleshooting, child-proof and exotic outlets, electrical safety inspections, and various types of lighting solutions such as track, accent, landscape, and energy-saving lighting. Additionally, they offer circuit breaker replacement, smart home automation, shock prevention devices, surge protection, motion sensors, wiring upgrades, smoke/CO detectors, transfer switches, and dedicated circuits.

The company operates across Singapore, offering competitive pricing, fully-stocked vans with a comprehensive inventory for various electrical needs, and 24/7 emergency services. They emphasize customer satisfaction with a seven-day workmanship guarantee, ensuring reliability and efficiency in their service delivery.

Price: Contact CWC Electrical Engineering Service for a quote

Phone Number: +65 9858 7555

Location: 8 Burn Road #08-02/03 Trivex, Singapore 369977

10. SK Electrical Singapore

SK Electrical Singapore

SK Electrical Singapore comprises a team of skilled electricians, each with a minimum of 10 years of experience. As an EMA/BCA/IDA certified company, they ensure that their staff is well-qualified and dedicated to providing top-notch electrical services across Singapore.

SK Electrical offers a variety of electrical services for residential and commercial clients, specializing in whole house rewiring compliant with local and national standards. Their services include high-quality ceiling fan installation, repair, and replacement for both homes and businesses. They also provide electrical switch installation and repair, including power, light, and water heater switches, and are skilled in electrical fault finding and troubleshooting, such as fixing flickering lights and malfunctioning outlets. The company is known for its transparent pricing and trustworthiness. Additionally, SK Electrical specializes in electric vehicle charger installations, catering to the evolving electrical needs of modern premises.

The company provides emergency electrician services, offering 24/7 availability to address urgent electrical problems. Their prompt and efficient service, coupled with affordable pricing, makes them a reliable choice for emergency electrical needs. They offer a comprehensive range of services, from emergency repairs to detailed evaluations and durable solutions for affected electrical systems and equipment. The company also provides HDB rewiring packages, catering to the specific needs of HDB residents in Singapore. Their commitment to quality work and rapid response in emergency situations positions them as a dependable electrical service provider in the region.

Price: Contact SK Electrical for a quote

Phone Number: +65 84853686


Location: 454 Yishun Street 41, #08 33, Singapore 760454

11. Fixwerks


Fixwerks is a versatile repair and service company serving a wide range of clients, including corporate, commercial, and residential sectors in Singapore. They have earned the SME 500 award, marking them as one of the top SMEs in the country. This recognition highlights their reliability and trustworthiness as a service provider, enhancing client confidence in their capabilities.

The company offers various electrical services, addressing needs ranging from common household electrical issues to more complex installations. Their services include lighting repairs and installations, power socket repair and installations, and power trip repairs. Fixwerks emphasizes safety and expertise, entrusting only well-trained and reliable service engineers for these tasks. Whether it’s installing a new light fixture, repairing an existing power socket, or addressing power trip issues, their team is equipped to handle a variety of electrical jobs.

Fixwerks is committed to providing comprehensive customer support and after-service maintenance, including follow-ups and inventory management solutions. They accommodate repair appointments according to the customer’s schedule to the best of their ability, regardless of location in Singapore. All repair works are guaranteed for up to 12 months, offering customers peace of mind. Moreover, Fixwerks maintains a policy of transparent and fair pricing, ensuring that customers are fully aware of the costs involved before any repair or maintenance work begins.

Price: Contact Fixwerks for a quote

Phone Number: +65 6765 8890


Location: 55 Serangoon North Avenue 4, #06-11, Singapore 555859

12. SC Electrician Singapore

SC Electrician Singapore

SC Electrician Singapore brings over two decades of experience in electrical repair and emergency power trip services. Their team, comprised of professionally trained electricians, is committed to delivering customer satisfaction, regardless of project size. With extensive experience spanning more than 20 years, they have served a diverse range of clients across various industries.

The company offers a comprehensive suite of electrical services for both residential and commercial clients at competitive prices. Their expertise includes troubleshooting and fixing power failures, rewiring, and installing TV, water heater, and aircon points. They also specialize in ceiling fan and water heater installations, replacing circuit breakers, repairing faulty power points and light switches, and installing telephone, TV, and electrical sockets, including cable TV and SCV points. The company is adept at installing and servicing lights and sockets, as well as modifying light fixtures, with a significant emphasis on fault finding and effective troubleshooting.

SC Electrician Singapore prides itself on offering timely and readily available services, with a team on standby 24/7 to cater to emergency needs. They provide island-wide support for power trip issues, offering rapid response within 30 minutes. Understanding the varying needs of their clientele, they operate throughout the day and night, including weekends and holidays. Additionally, the company offers repair options suited to different budgets, accompanied by expert advice to provide the best cost-effective solutions for their customers.


  • Light bulb or fitting replacement starts at $60, with $40 for each additional point
  • Downlight point installation, including casing and wiring, starts at $60 for the first point and $25 for additional points
  • Ceiling light fitting installation costs start at $45 for a new point and $25 for an existing point
  • Hanging/deco light fitting installation starts at $65 for a new point and $45 for an existing point
  • Ceiling fan installation starts at $150 for a new point and $85 for an existing point
  • Telephone wiring point installation starts at $40
  • TV Point (SCV/STARHUB) installation starts at $110
  • 15AMP Aircon point installation starts at $150
  • 13AMP Washing Machine point installation starts at $120
  • 13AMP Water Heater Point installation starts at $120
  • Single 13AMP power point socket installation starts at $65
  • Double 13AMP power point socket installation starts at $85
  • Lighting Switch Point power socket installation starts at $65
  • Dimmer Switch Point power socket installation starts at $85
  • New Distribution Board installation for a three-room flat starts at $400
  • New Distribution Board installation for a four-room flat starts at $500
  • New Distribution Board installation for a five-room flat starts at $600
  • For a new Distribution Board in other property types, customers are advised to call for inquiries
  • New Distribution Board installation for offices (63A) starts at $700

Phone Number: +65 8158 8830


Location: 103 West Coast Vale, #28-14 Parc Rivera, Singapore 126754

13. TK Electricians

TK Electricians Singapore

TK Electricians Singapore is dedicated to delivering high-quality electrical services, combining the skills and experiences of its expert electricians to achieve optimal results. The team is committed to maintaining high standards, ensuring client satisfaction with every project. Their electricians are not only highly trained and proficient in their field but also place a strong emphasis on client and personal safety. They are well-equipped to handle dangerous situations effectively and adhere to all local safety regulations, demonstrating their commitment to quality, safety, and reliability.

The company specializes in both commercial and residential electrical services. Residential services include a wide range of offerings from emergency repairs to regular maintenance, with electricians ready to provide high-quality solutions. These services encompass re-wiring, smart home automation, power socket and lighting installations, distribution box and circuit breaker installations, and installation of various home appliances and systems. They also specialize in industrial designs using unique electrical components and offer comprehensive security system installations, including CCTV and access control systems. Additionally, their building maintenance services cover generator maintenance, lighting replacement, power socket replacement, and thorough inspections and tests on switch and distribution boards.

TK Electricians pride themselves on their quick response and straightforward quotations, ensuring that their services are value for money. They are committed to resolving any outstanding issues before an agreed deadline, showcasing their sincerity and dedication to their work. This approach has led to a track record of 100% customer satisfaction since the company’s inception, reflecting their commitment to quality service across Singapore.

Price: Contact TK Electricians for a quote

Phone Number: 8577 0484
Location: M-space, 6D Mandai Estate, #03-12, Singapore 729938


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