Top 7 Best Chiropractors in Singapore

Chiropractic services have steadily been increasing in Singapore for the past several years. celebrities and other public personalities have also been reported to visit chiropractic treatment to help with their physical problems. If you’re looking for the best chiropractor Singapore has to offer for your body aches and pains and other health issues, you should take a breather and check our list of the best chiropractors in the country! These professionals are proficient in chiropractic adjustments, relieving sports injuries, shoulder pain, slipped discs, and whatnot.

Is Chiropractic Safe and Legal?

Chiropractic is generally safe when performed by a trained professional. Although the practice of Chiropractic is considered alternative medicine and most of its studies are still categorized under pseudoscience, chiropractic treatment still requires utmost care and experience. Depending on where the doctors get their education, a chiropractic degree takes three to four years to achieve after finishing the initial undergraduate studies.

A good chiropractor will do a thorough examination before making any adjustments. This process may involve taking x rays, health history, light testing, and observation.

In Singapore, the chiropractic industry is not heavily regulated and does not fall under the Private Hospital and Medical Clinic Act (PHMCA). Although practitioners are called chiropractic doctors, the Ministry of Health in Singapore considers them alternative medicine professionals. They are also encouraged to self-regulate through professional organizations. In Singapore, the chiropractic industry is regulated by The Alliance of Chiropractic Singapore. The alliance has a code of ethics that helps guide professionals in providing proper treatment and help ensure the safety of the patients.

Chiropractor Singapore Price

The average price for Chiropractic services in Singapore ranges from $80 to $120. Depending on the treatment and the experience of the chiropractor in Singapore, this price may vary. If you’re experiencing severe back pains or other health problems, you may have to do multiple chiropractic sessions. So expect to shell out for more than what you expect.

Here is our list of the best-experienced chiropractors in Singapore. These chiropractic clinics in Singapore have been selected in terms of years of experience, specialties, customer reviews, and excellent treatment plans.

1. Chiropractic Concepts

Chiropractic Concepts features two experienced chiropractors Shaun Ranen Ang D.C. and Chua Hoe Wei D.C. Dr. Shaun is a registered member of the Chiropractic Board of Australia and the Gonstead Chiropractic Society (Australia). He also specializes in the Gonstead System of Chiropractic and Extremity Protocols. Gonstead is a technique that uses a thorough five-step analysis of the spine before making any adjustments. Meanwhile, Dr. Chua, who’s a graduate of International Medical University in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has also undergone training for the Gonstead Technique.

Dr. Shaun and Dr. Chua can address various health concerns, such as spine-related pain like sciatica, scoliosis, neck pain, and back pain. Moreover, if you’re having frequent headaches and migraines that can’t seem to get better, you may want to visit Dr. Shaun and Dr. Chua for a checkup. This chiropractic duo can also help with sports injuries like slipped disc and whiplash or other ailments like carpal tunnel syndrome, shoulder pain, and arm and leg pain. The clinic can also provide family chiropractic services which cover kids and pregnant women.

Dr. Shaun and Dr. Chua have helped hundreds of patients in Singapore. Dr. Shaun has been described by clients as “highly professional and extremely dedicated to the welfare of his patients.” Meanwhile, Dr. Chua was commended for “being genuine in providing treatment for back problems.” Reviewers have also praised the clinic for not charging by the package and providing single-session treatments to patients. If you’re keen on reading more about their patient experiences, you can check the testimonials on the clinic’s official website.

Why You Should Choose Dr. Shaun and Dr. Chua

Both chiropractic doctors are proficient in the Gonstead technique which assesses a patient’s condition thoroughly before making any adjustments. If you are undergoing chiropractic treatment for the first time, a doctor who specializes in the Gonstead technique is recommended. Gonstead goes beyond the usual spinal assessment. It uses a five-step process which includes checking a patient’s posture and movement, checking heat distribution of the spine with the nervoscope, static and motion palpation, and lastly, an x-ray analysis.

Chiropractic Concepts

Price range: Inquire at +65-90629776

Operating hours: Monday to Thursday (11 am to 5 pm), Saturday (11 am to 8 pm), and Sunday (10 am to 6 pm).

Address: 107 North Bridge Road #04-13 Funan Mall, Singapore 179105

Contact number: +65-90629776


2. Re: Chiro – Singapore Pain Solutions

Singapore Pain Solutions has been providing chiropractic services since 2015. The clinic is led by three experienced chiropractors, Dr. Jeff Ederer, Dr. Jenny Li, and Dr. Daniel Tan whose main goal is to help patients with their back problems and other aches and pains. Dr. Ederer, a member of the Chiropractic Doctors’ Association of Hong Kong, has over ten years of experience in chiropractic care. He has practiced in the largest chiropractic clinic in South America. He also led a mission to pioneer the practice in Peru. Three years ago, he moved his practice to Asia and became a chiropractor in Singapore.

Meanwhile, American trained female chiropractor, Dr. Jenny Li, also has over ten years of experience in chiropractic care. Specializing in sports injuries, sports performance, and spinal health, Dr. Li is a proud graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in the United States. She practiced in Hong Kong before joining the community of chiropractors in Singapore.

Lastly, award-winning chiropractor Dr. Daniel Tan studied at the Welsh Institute of Chiropractic (WIOC). In 2021, he won the Best Clinical Performance Award at the WIOC. He’s also very proficient in activator and soft tissue techniques.

The clinic provides various treatment options, such as spinal decompression therapy, dry needling, and sports massage. Whether you’re an ordinary folk who’s experiencing chronic pain, an athlete with an injury, or you simply need a light chiropractic adjustment to get rid of some annoying discomforts, the clinic can provide you with specialized treatment.

The clinic offers services for adults, children, and athletes. They also offer a home service if you do not wish to leave your home for an adjustment. Dr. Ederrer, Dr. Li, and Dr. Tan’s treatments can cover a wide range of ailments, including back pain, neck pain, and slipped disc.

Why You Should Choose Singapore Pain Solutions

If you’re looking for proficient chiropractors who have decades of experience, the clinic is highly recommended. Moreover, If you feel more comfortable being treated by a woman, the clinic is home to one of the best female chiropractors in Singapore.

In terms of pricing, the clinic’s rates are quite affordable. After the initial treatment cost of $180, the subsequent treatments can cost as low as $80.

Singapore Pain Solutions

Price range: $75 to $180. Packages start from $500.

Operating hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (9:30 am to 1:00 pm, 2:30 pm 7 pm), Saturday (9 am to 3 pm), Sunday (11 am to 3 pm)

Address: 116 Lavender Street, Pek Chuan Building #01-02, Singapore 338730

Contact number: +65 6384 7385


3. Healing Hands Chiropractic

If you’re looking for a clinic with a stellar reputation and skilled chiropractors, you may want to check out this chiropractic clinic. The company has locations in Paya Lebar, Ang Mo Kio, Bedok, Buona Vista, City Hall, and Jurong. They currently have eight highly proficient chiropractors, including female chiropractors in Ang Mo Kio and Bedok.

The chiropractic clinic was founded by Dr. Marc Calaunan, B.S.C., D.C., and his wife Gina Calaunan in 2010. Their mission is to provide patients with utmost care and attention to detail while maintaining integrity. The company also aims to provide more than just a regular chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Calaunan and Gina are striving to provide holistic care and non-invasive chiropractic treatments and eventually become the top wellness provider in Asia.

Why You Should Choose Healing Hands Chiropractic

The clinic’s doctors have established themselves as some of the top chiropractors in Singapore. The clinic provides excellent care and has treated thousands of patients in the country. They are also trusted by numerous corporations. Dr. Calaunan and his team offers corporate packages that provide chiropractic treatments to employees. Moreover, with a diversified line-up of chiropractic doctors in its several locations, making a trip to the clinic is pretty hassle-free and convenient.

Healing Hands Chiropractic

Price range: Inquire at +65 6836 6151

Operating hours: Monday, Thursday, and Friday (10:00 am to 1:30 pm, 3:00 pm – 8:30 pm), Tuesday (2:30 pm to 8:30 pm), Wednesday (9: 00 am to 8:00 pm), Saturday and Sunday (9:00 am to 1:00 pm, 1:30 pm to 4 pm)

Address: 422 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, #01-2520, Singapore 560422

Contact number: +65 6836 6151


  1. Elite Spine Centres

If you’re looking for a more comprehensive list of chiropractic adjustments and treatments, Elite Spine Centres is one of the best clinics in Singapore that’s worth checking out. Their extensive list of services using hi-technological advances is the future of achieving pain relief. Your options include light chiropractic adjustments, spinal decompression, low-level laser therapy, shockwave therapy, and many more. Moreover, Elite can address various body ailments, such as shoulder pain, slipped disc, sports injury, lower back pain, etc.

The clinic offers holistic and conservative chiropractic care while integrating modern technology into the treatment plan. Apart from its top-tier health care, Elite also pays attention to providing excellent customer service. The clinic’s focus on its interaction with patients has been integral to mainting its reputation. Thus, they have achieved fantastic word-of-mouth advertising.

Why You Should Choose Elite Spine Centre

The clinic’s chiropractors, Dr. Michael Bryant, Dr. Michelle Tan, and Dr. Fraser Montgomery, have extensive experience in chiropractic care. Dr. Bryant for instance has practicing for more than a decade. He graduated summa cum laude from Life University in Atlanta with several distinctions in physiotherapy. He also completed his pre-med studies at the University of Michigan. In 2011, Dr. Bryant started practicing chiropractic care in Singapore. In 2017, he founded Elite Spine Centre. Today, Dr. Bryant and his peers are members of the Alliance of Chiropractic (AOC) Singapore.

Elite Spine Centres

Price range: Inquire at or +65 6904 8400

Operating Hours: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday (8:30 am to 7 pm), Thursday (8:30 to 5 pm), Saturday, and Sunday (9 am to 3 pm).

Address: 2 Kallang Ave, CT Hub 1, 339407

Contact number: +65 6904 8400


5. Family Chiropractic Singapore

Family Chiropractic Singapore has a collective 30 years of experience in providing health care and pain relief to patients. Led by Dr. Choo Suyi, the clinic provides the most effective solution to achieving optimal health through chiropractic treatments. The clinic currently has three chiropractors, including Dr. Mark Enriquez and Dr. Chong Min Lei.

Dr. Suyi specialized in trigger point therapy, active release technique, pediatric and geriatric chiropractic, and sports injury. Meanwhile, Dr. Enriquez has almost two decades of experience practicing in Singapore, Australia, and the Philippines. If you are having problems with your posture, you may want to pay Dr. Enriquez a visit because he specializes in postural correction protocols. Moreover, he is also proficient in treating high-performing sports athletes. Lastly, Dr. Lei focuses on pre-natal and post-natal care, applied neurology, S. O. T pediatric care, and Kinesio taping technique.

Family Chiropractic Singapore has a plethora of services available for patients:

• Trigger point therapy

• Chiropractic Spinal & Extremity Adjustments

• Myofascial Therapy

• Active Release Therapy

• SOT Therapy & Denneroll Traction Wedges

• Craniosacral & TMJ Therapy

• Traction for Neck Pain & Low Back Pain

• Ultrasound Therapy or shockwave therapy

• TENS Electrotherapy

Why You Should Choose Family Chiropractic Singapore

Like most of our selections in this list, the clinic has developed a healthy reputation among patients in Singapore. Their list of reviews is quite impressive and full of happy customers. Patients have described the experience as “comfortable” and helped make their conditions bearable. Meanwhile, others complimented the clinic for having very friendly doctors. If you’re interested in checking out more of their reviews, you can refer to Google reviews or visit the clinic’s official website.

Family Chiropractic Singapore

Price range: Inquire at

Operating hours: Monday to Thursday (10 am to 7:30 pm), Friday (closed), Saturday (9 am to 1 pm)

Address: 302 Ang Mo Kio Ave 3, Block 302, Singapore 560302

Contact number: +65 6554 4339


  1. Life Chiropractic Centre

Life Chiropractic Centre in Katong Point is one of the most well-established chiropractic clinics in Singapore. The center houses two distinguished chiropractors, Dr. Marcus Martinez and Dr. Janelle Dong Macbay. Dr. Martinez completed his studies at the Palmer College Chiropractic West, USA. He specializes in corrective chiropractic care that can be used to treat children, the elderly, adults, and athletes. Meanwhile, Dr. Macbay, a graduate of Life Chiropractic College West in the U.S. with honors, focuses on chiropractic treatments for pediatric and women’s health.

When you go for your first visit to the clinic, you can expect a thorough examination before you receive any chiropractic adjustment. These ensure that your health is properly assessed before the proper treatment plan is recommended. First, the doctors will audit your posture and your spinal health. Expect Dr. Martinze and Dr. Macbay to ask questions about your health history and lifestyle. After this process is complete, you will receive the recommended adjustment.

Life Chiropractic Centre can develop a treatment plan for recurring headaches, poor posture, sleeping difficulties, and other body ailments, such as chronic pain, lower back pain, neck pain, and many more.

Why You Should Choose Life Chiropractic Centre

Sometimes, looking for the best chiropractors in Singapore is as easy as checking the clinic with the best customer reviews. Life Chiropractic Centre has garnered hundreds of great reviews online. The majority of the customers are happy and described the center as “bringing positive vibes” and “good energy.” Many customers attest to Dr. Martinez’s expertise and proficiency in providing pain relief to his patients.

Life Chiropractic Centre

Price range: inquire at +659178065 or

Operating hours: Tuesday (8:30 am to 12 pm, 3 pm to 7 pm), Wednesday (3 pm to 7:30 pm), Thursday (8:30 am to 12 pm, 3 pm to 6 pm), Saturday (8:30 to 3 pm).

Address: 451 Joo Chiat Road, Katong Point #03-09, Singapore  427664

Contact number: +659178065 , WhatsApp + 65 8262 433


  1. Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore

Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore in Bencoolen Street is an athlete’s paradise. The services offered by the clinic are designed to help injured athletes recover and achieve optimal health. Some of the treatments available include regular chiropractic adjustment, physical therapy, sports massage, functional rehabilitation, and shockwave therapy. The clinic can treat a variety of health conditions of adults, women, children, and athletes. These include headaches, frozen shoulders, knee, and hip osteoarthritis, pinched nerve, scoliosis, and many more.

When you visit the clinic for the first time, you must expect a thorough examination which may include a health background check and x-rays. Once this process is completed, the clinic will recommend the appropriate treatment (spinal adjustment, physical therapy, and soft tissue massage) and a wellness program that will maintain a healthy spinal alignment.

Why You Should Choose Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore

The clinic has an excellent track record and has provided clients with excellent treatments. Although their services are more traditional compared to other clinics offering laser therapies, Asia Chiropractic is still a one-stop shop for people looking for pain relief. Having your adjustments, physical therapy and massage in one place can save you a lot of time and help you relax.

Asia Chiropractic and Wellness Singapore

Price range: Inquire at

Operating hours: Tuesday to Thursday (10 am to 7 pm), Friday (10 am to 6 pm), Sunday (9 am to 1:30 pm), Saturday and Monday (closed)

Address: 175A Bencoolen Street, #06-07 Burlington Square, Singapore 189650

Contact number: +65 6534 4393


The chronic pain industry is predicted to be valued at $162 million in 2023. With the prevalence of analgesic use and demand for stronger pain medications, alternative treatments and natural healings such as chiropractic care is also increasing in demand.

I advise everyone to still practice due diligence and organize their own research when looking for the best chiropractors in Singapore. Chiropractic care is not a one fits all type of service. Each treatment plan must be designed according to your health condition, your history, and your needs.

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