Bazi Reading: When Should You Get Your Natal Chart Read?

Have you always wondered if there is a way to see your future?

While there are various crafts in fortune telling like face reading, fortune sticks, palm reading, and tarot card reading, one of the most popular ways to get a glimpse of the future is through Bazi reading.

What is Bazi Reading?

Bazi reading pertains to the interpretations of your birth chart. By analysing your birth year, month, day, and hour, it could reveal what your future may look like. Basically, through a Bazi reading, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of yourself. As such, having this knowledge can inform your decision going forward to better optimise your lucky cycles.

That said, a Bazi reading is very comprehensive and can give you profound insights into various elements of yourself like your physiology, personality, emotional energy, and financial well-being. Given the extent of its coverage, you should know when to get a reading.

Side note: if you already know you want to get a reading but don’t know where, here are 7 of the best places to get your Bazi reading in Singapore.

When should you get a reading?

Depends on you!

That said, to help you decide when you should get your own reading, I listed down 4 situations when you should get your reading (according to Feng Shui Masters). I also included testimonials from various clients to further persuade you to get you personal reading.

As such, you should get your reading when:  

1) You want to assess your own personality:

Through the consultation, you will be able to discern why you are the way you are and why you do things the way you do. Thus, you get a better understanding of yourself and your personality. The easiest way you can do this is by taking a look at your Day Master.

According to Master Jasper from the Joey Yap Consulting Group:

“The Day Master represents your most basic self and identity, and signifies your essential personality and character traits, qualities, quirks, strengths and weaknesses. Once you calculate which your Day Master is; you can read up more on its traits in terms of character, career, relationships, and wealth. Each person is unique according to their Day Master, and you can learn more about yourself and others. Then you will attain tremendous insight into why people behave the way they do.”

If you want to know your Day Master and what it represents, please click the link here.

While this point does not necessarily mean you have to get a consultation from a master or practitioner, this point is included to illustrated that even the basics of Bazi, such as knowing your Day Master, can be a great source of personal insight already.  

2) You want to know your strengths and weaknesses

By analysing your birth chart, you can gain a more profound understanding of your inborn talents and gifts. Likewise, by knowing your strengths, you can trigger more breakthroughs in your life. Similarly. By recognising your weakness, you may be able to help improve yourself.

Essentially, by identifying your strengths and weaknesses, you get more clarity, thus, helping you make better decisions for yourself.

A customer of Feng Shui Master Jen Stone shares here Bazi reading experience with regards to her strengths and weaknesses:

“Jen’s helpful analysis of my BaZi chart provided me with needed clarity to face these past years. Her accurate reading has helped me understand my strengths and areas of growth; both those intrinsic to my chart and those arising in conjunction with the energies of the year. Her straightforward and professional analysis also provides understanding of one’s limits and areas of challenge. In response to these, Jen offers practical tools to deal with whatever is at hand. A BaZi reading with Jen offers real insight in one’s life and constructive ways to go ahead by harnessing unlocked potential.” Mary Jo Pokorski

3) You want to improve your relationships

Since Bazi explores various elements of yourself, you get to learn how you behave in relation to how you are treated. As such, you’ll learn how to better cultivate positive and meaningful relationships with people in your life. Basically, through a Bazi reading, you gain understanding and awareness of how you act and react with regards to any type of relationship such as marriage or friendships.

A client from Feng Shui Master Jen Stone shares here Bazi reading experience with regards to improving relationships:

“Jen’s guidance gave me clarity in my relationships as well as insight to why things are the way they are. I now have answers…”Karin McAreavy

A client from the Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd shares:

“My family and I are very grateful to Edwaard. His friendly disposition puts you at ease and he patiently answers all your questions. His after sales service is impeccable. Our family and our relationship has seen many positive changes. He genuinely cares for your well being…”Sharmila William

4) You want to manage your luck cycles:

Bazi considers every facet of your being. Using the timing of your birth as a reference, a Bazi reading can chart significant timings in your life in which massive life decisions such as wedding date selection, change in careers, or travel can coincide with the highs of your luck cycles. In essence, it can help you plan your year in which you can capitalise on opportunities and manage difficulties.

When you get your reading, your master/practitioner can give you a luck cycle to help you determine what things to do and which ones to avoid. Likewise, through a career analysis, you get to know if you are in the right career or not. Similarly, through a wealth analysis, you get to see if your financial habits are following your luck cycles or not.

A client from the Classical Feng Shui Consultancy Pte Ltd shares:

“Master Edward gave me so much clarity on what my Bazi is. Came here to know how I could further progress in my career. He explained in very great detail on what I should and should not focus on at my current stage. There is just so much more great things to say about master and so many things that he taught which I’m thankful of. Glad I came here today for his help!!” Benedict Oh

Final Thoughts

The future is not set in stone.

In fact, the power is in you to change your life.

That said, in knowing yourself better, you get to find ways to improve yourself. Likewise, by gaining guidance from a Feng Shui master or a Bazi practitioner, you can better align yourself toward your most successful path.

Therefore, if you are curious about your future, get your Bazi reading today!


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