Bazi For Beginners: Your Personality and the 10 Day Masters

A Bazi reading can offer you a comprehensive understanding of various elements of yourself. This includes aspects like your personality, physiology, and emotional energy. By getting a reading, you gain profound insight into various areas of your life, all of which can help you chart a better future for yourself.

That said, to get an accurate reading, I suggest you seek out a proper master. Luckily, I have an article that whittles down 7 of the best places to get your reading here in Singapore. Click here to read that post.

However, if you are insistent on learning the basics of Bazi, then you should first know about Day Masters.

The Day Master

Day Master is a reference point in the Bazi chart. It represents you; the subject of the reading.

You can find the Day Master on your Natal Chart’s Day Pillar.

What the Day Master represents:

  • Personality and character traits
  • Attributes
  • Eccentricities
  • Strengths and weaknesses

Essentially, by understanding your Day Master, you can gain insight into your potential, character, and personality without having the need to consult with a master. By having this information, you will be in a better position to create better possibilities for yourself.

There are 10 Day Masters, 5, elements, and a Ying and Yang for each.

If you want to know Day Master or want to see your complete natal chart, please click here.

The 10 Day Masters

1) Yin Earth 己 (Ji)

People with a Yin Earth Day Master are creative, productive, and tolerant. They are known to possess many talents. Likewise, they exude positive energy and work gracefully under stress. They carry a strong sense of care and concern. Thus, are very nurturing. Unfortunately, they usually fail to see their worth most of the time and they need to be pushed to develop their full potential. Nevertheless, their ability to multi-task makes them very capable and efficient people.

2) Yang Earth 戊 (Wu)

People with the Yang Earth Day Master are known to be very loyal, reliable, and trustworthy. Likewise, they are pretty understanding and down to earth. As such, they make good friends and good listeners. Because of this trait, Yang Earth people are able to gain people’s trust easily. However, these people may be rather emotional. In addition, they tend to procrastinate a lot.

3) Yin Wood 乙 (Yi)

Yin Wood people are adaptable, flexible, and resilient, even in the face of adversity. They are easy-going and versatile, allowing them to function in a variety of contexts. Since these people are team-spirited, they know how to compromise. As such, even in the most hostile environment, Yin Wood people would find a way to survive. However, these people tend to be melodramatic and may want to seek attention and approval in certain situations.

4) Yang Wood 甲 (Jia)

Yang Wood people are blunt and straight to the point. This is because they have a strong character and a strong feeling of independence. They are also very determined individuals with a fervent yearning to succeed. As such, they are very successful in creating wealth over time through their work. However, due to their strong personalities, they can often come across as offensive or insensitive.

5) Yin Fire 丁 (Ding)

The Yin Fire Day Master is usually associated with people who are charismatic and poised. They have natural leadership skills because of their effectiveness in motivational speaking. With regard to work, these people are focused and meticulous. They are good at doing detailed work and analysing data. That said, Yin Fire people can be temperamental. Likewise, they can be unpredictable at times and volatile with their emotions.

6) Yang Fire 丙 (Bing)

People with this Day Master are dependable and supportive. They are often optimistic, expressive, and likely to stick to their habits and routines. They can hold the same job longer as they thrive in having a routine. Unfortunately, given their penchant for sticking to what is familiar, they dislike unplanned moments and last-minute changes. This makes it difficult for them to come out of their comfort zones.

7) Yin Metal 辛 (Xin)

People with Yin Metal Day Master tend to showcase their talent and skills. They revel in the acknowledgment and appreciation of other people. They hold people’s attention really well, thus, making them really good speakers, politicians, educators, and motivators. In addition, they are also highly intelligent and resourceful. Unfortunately, given their penchant for words, they can sound controlling.

8) Yang Metal 庚 (Geng)

 Yang Metal is one of the toughest of the 10 Day Masters. That said, despite their tough and fierce appearance, people with this Day Master are known to be kind-hearted and loving. They are also very philanthropic; willing to help anyone less fortunate.  They also champion hard work and perseverance in achieving their goals. Thus, they tend to be systematic and responsible. Unfortunately, they can rub off as arrogant and overly competitive.

9) Yin Water 癸 (Gui)

Those with the Yin Water Day Master tend to be inventive, intuitive, and creative. As such, when making decisions, they usually rely on their intuition. This makes them successful business people as they have excellent judgement, great instincts, and accurate people assessment. However, sometimes, their overreliance on their gut feel makes them emotional and lack consistency.

10) Yang Water 壬 (Ren)

People with Yang Water Day Master are active and dynamic. As such, they are often focused and always driven by big dreams. With their resourcefulness and intelligence, they are natural-born entrepreneurs; possessing exceptional business acumen. In addition, with their determination to succeed, they will not give up until they achieve their goals. Unfortunately, being a jack of all trades often make them unsure what to do in their life. As such, they can be easily influenced by others or be easily distracted.

Final Thoughts

Knowing your Day Master is insufficient to fully encapsulate who you are as a person and your personality. Rather, to understand yourself better and know your future, better seek the help of Feng Shui masters.

Nevertheless, by understanding your Day Master, you get a preliminary baseline to what is your personality, what are your possible strengths and weaknesses, and what are suitable occupations for you.


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