Bazi for Beginners: Understanding Your Strengths Through the 10 Profiles

Whenever great opportunities present themselves, we need to be prepared to take them. As such, it is important that we hone whatever talents, skills, and abilities we have.  Likewise, we should try to find out our hidden talents so we live a more meaningful life, both personally and professionally.

Sure, we can try new things, reflect on past experiences, take personal assessment tests, or seek out mentors. Truly, those things can help us hone our know abilities while also helping us find our hidden ones.

However, there is a much easier way to go about it—look at our Bazi chart.

What is important about Bazi anyway?

Well, through Bazi we get to have a comprehensive understanding of various elements of ourselves. This could include aspects like our personality, physiology, and emotional energy. Likewise, it can help direct us to a career path that is better suited for us!

That said, accurately reading our Bazi needs tons of training and studying. As such, if you want an accurate reading, here are 7 places to get your Bazi reading.

However, if you want to know, at least the basics, this is the article for you!

You see, each part of your Bazi chart has a meaning. For example, the “day” in your natal chart indicates your personality. In fact, we have written an article that further expounds upon this. Click here if you want to read it.

The Strength Profile

If you want to check your Bazi chart, please click here.

 Anyway, the strength profile looks like this.

The profile with a score of 70% and above will be your hidden talent. The next highest profile will be your sub-profile. This profile also influences how you think and what your talents are but not as strong as your main profile.

For those that you have 0%, this means that you do not have that profile’s attitude/behaviour.

Also, the ones you were born with will be displayed as “Natal” and ranked from highest to lowest percentage. It will, however, vary from year to year, as indicated by the term “Annual.”

The 10 Profiles

1) The Director – Direct Wealth (正财格)

The Director has this innate ability to manage people and situations and likes to be in control. They are reliable, responsible, organized, and very results-oriented. They strive for improvements and are able to make quick decisions easily. They are also known to be very good at managing their finances. That said, there are also seen as rigid and inflexible.

2) The Pioneer – Indirect Wealth ()

The Pioneer is a powerhouse of energy and a daring go-getter. They are also known as a competent, straight-talking, force of change. The pioneer is a visionary and is very ambitious.  They are extremely pragmatic, risk-averse, and action-oriented. They like having a sense of power and being able to prove their strength. They are loyal and generous to those close to them. However, they can be extremely willful and domineering

3) The Performer – Hurting Officer (官格)

The Performer is creative, ambitious, highly driven, and success-oriented. They are perfectionists by nature but are very adaptable. The Performer has a talent for showmanship. Thus, they shine under the limelight. Unfortunately, they are terribly afraid of failure which makes them spread themselves too thin. Likewise, they can be shallow, vain, and unpredictable at times.

4) The Artist Eating God (食神格)

The Artist has the talent to harness creativity and artistic skill. People with this profile can produce innovative ideas that can disrupt the industry they are in. Likewise, they are passionate about life and are typically very cultured and refined in their lifestyle. That said, they can be egotistical or impatient.

5) The Warrior – Seven Killings ()

Those with a high Seven Killings would exude a sense of power and authority. They are courageous, robust, and resilient, and no setback can slow them down. The Warrior has a talent for speedy yet accurate executions. They are also natural problem-solver. However, they can be overbearing and blunt.

6) The Diplomat Direct Officer (正官格)

The Direct Officer (DO) is all about bringing order from chaos. They are mindful of what others think and are eager to keep the peace. They are often meticulous workers, great group leaders, and solid friends. Unfortunately, they tend to hold themselves back to “keep the peace.” 

7) The Friend Friend (比肩格)

The Friend (F) is all about making things simpler and straightforward for others. They are identifiable by their strong need to engage and connect with people. They make excellent delegators at work and are super resourceful. That said, they can be too people-pleasing to the detriment of their own interests.

8) The Leader – Rob Wealth ()

Charisma is one word to describe The Leader. They are captivating types who inspire, persuade and motivate people to rally around them, which is why they tend to make very effective and personable leaders. They are often tough, no-nonsense go-getters and ambitious with a strong drive to succeed. Unfortunately, they can be manipulative in order to get what they want.

9) The Analyzer Direct Resource (正印格)

The Analyzer dissects and breaks down information; with a sharp mind with a gentle demeanor. The Analyzer Profile is the consummate examiner. Normally, they are very introspective and have considerable brain power. They have the reputation for being wise and knowledgeable. That said, they can be too proud and pretentious.

10) The Philosopher Indirect Resource (偏印格)

Known for their insights and wisdom, The Philosopher is keen to understand how the world works and has an inherent desire to explore. They are observant and curious, and can often be geniuses of some sort. They can be very focused and are also known to be good strategists. Unfortunately, due to their idealism, sometimes they lose touch with reality.


These are the 10 strength profiles according to Bazi.

By understanding your inherent abilities, you get to learn whether you are on the right career path or not. Likewise, you get to understand yourself better.

That said, while it is believed that these profiles define your sense of accomplishment and purpose in life, it is still on you whether or not you want to devote time to developing these skills.


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