be the singaporean model

Become ‘The Singaporean’ model

The Singaporean stands apart for its commitment to the lesser known in Singapore. We are looking for like-minded peeps, the local explorers willing to find interesting quirks round every small corner on the sunny island. If you think you fit this mold, read on...

“But I am not good-looking enough to be a model.” That’s the misconception that most have when they first read this article. The thing is, we are really not that interested in how you look but rather, who you are. To quote the cliché, its the inner beauty that matters. In our case, we are looking for peeps who are genuinely excited to explore small little unknown places in Singapore with us while partaking in some quick photoshoot.

Our first-time models at an abandoned kindergarten in Siglap

The photo above are two first-time models that took part in our short 1 hour trip to explore some very old blocks of 70s HDB flats located at a quiet corner of Siglap in 2019. Apparently, these HDB flats are the last ones in Siglap and is expected to be torn down by 2030.

Credit: Joo Chiat Today

So if you are a genuine dora the explorer, do get in touch with us so we can discuss the finer details of modeling for The Singaporean. Please email to with subject title “Become The Singaporean Model”. Let us know a short story about interesting trips you have had in Singapore in the past year. Photos are optional. We look forward to meeting the right one!

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