5 Reasons Professional Newborn Photoshoots Are Worth It! (According to Parents)

Babies grow up very fast. In fact, in an article from Today’s Parent, the newborn phase, they argued, passes quickly and often without warning.  I asked my own mother about this and she said that she felt like my own newborn phase passed by in a blink of an eye!

Sure, some mothers might say it’s their least favourite stage because babies are still unpredictable or (especially for new parents) they struggle because they don’t know what they’re doing.

But, no one can argue that the arrival of a little one brings so much joy into people’s lives.

So, savour these moments.

One way to do that is through newborn photography!

I scoured the internet for parents’ experiences to give you five reasons to get your newborn professionally photographed in the hopes that I might encourage you to do the same.


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5 Reasons Professional Newborn Photoshoots Are Worth It

1. Creates a lifetime of memories

Source: Mama Miyo Photography

According to a lot of users on the What to Expect Community, doing a photoshoot with their newborns is something that does not regret doing.

A user named aerisexpecting said:

“I’ve never regretted having family or baby photos taken! They’re beautiful reminders of all of the phases of life.”

Here is what another user, named joannac86, has to say:

“I did newborn pics with my son and I will never ever regret them. I can’t remember him being that tiny and it was only 1 year ago… They are great memories to look back on and were 100% worth it. We plan on doing them again this time!”

Bottom line, having your baby’s photos taken can be a way to cherish those memories you have with them.

2. No regrets!

Source: Mama Miyo Photography

Dr Rachel Rising shared her experience on Baby-Logic about newborn photoshoots. Here is what she has to say:

“I did not do newborn professional pictures with my first son who is now 2, and I regret it immensely… I miss his tiny little features. I was so overwhelmed being a fresh, first time mom that his newborn phase is a complete blur to me. It was beautiful but it was scary… wish all three of us would have pictures together by a professional to remember the good and sweet times”

A user named ihtdvk from the subreddit r/beyondthebump adds:

“I’m getting newborn photos done because I love the newborn phase and think I’ll regret it if I don’t get professional photos – I’ll never have this time back and they grow soooo quick”

They will only be this small once in their life. Knowing how fast the baby phase pass, make sure you capture it!

3. Top-notch quality of both photos and experience

Source: White Room Photography

Don’t get me wrong, parents can pose their child however they want. That said, professional photographers took the time and effort to learn tips and tricks to soothe your baby and to photograph your baby in a variety of different poses.

With various props like blankets, baskets, hats, or headbands, they will work with you to bring any of your ideas to life!

Loshini Varma posted on Tomato Photo stating:

“Hart was professional with my kids. He truly is the baby whisperer. My newborn did not make one squeak through the session. Once I handed him over to Hart, Hart took care of everything from photography and styling to pacifying and rocking!”

Noah Lee Wen Jun posted a customer review at MamaMiyo Photography stating:

“Very professional, patient, and experienced. Even when my 11-day-old naked infant peed in the midst of the shoot, they were not flustered and very quickly helped clean him up and continue with the shoot… Props were aplenty and they were also able to engage my elder 2-year-old son to smile and pose for the family shots”

4. Give parents time to breathe

Source: Baby U

Newborn parents have a lot on their plate. Between feedings, diaper changes, and trying to get them to sleep, it can be tough.

By hiring a professional photographer, the process of taking cute and beautiful pictures will be relatively stress-free and it gives parents a bit of time to breathe.

As a mother and a photographer, herself, Katie Mitchell shares her experience in her post at the National Association of Professional Child Photographers:

“You just have to show up and bring the baby!”

“Yes, your time is so important and I know how amazing it is to walk into a studio and have that photographer be completely ready, providing everything you could need for a session. It may mean the session costs more, but you don’t have to shop for props, outfits, or anything in advance, and have the luxury of simply showing up for gorgeous pictures.”

5. Newborn photos will be lit, photographed, and edited to perfection

Source: Mama Miyo Photography

With the level of quality cameras on phones nowadays, it seems counterintuitive to spend a lot of money to get your baby photographed. That said, taking photos of newborns requires more than a good camera. It requires patience, timing, creativity, and a lot of passion and effort.

From knowing which angles to take photos from or the position of lights or what equipment to use, photographers are armed with the necessary skills to take the best and cutest photos of your baby!

Not to mention that they should know to edit images to showcase the beauty of your baby.

Ariel R. posted a customer review on Maxine Evans Photography stating:

“Maxine is an incredible photographer who holds herself to the HIGHEST standards. Her work is gorgeous and her studio is spotless and inviting. All of our photos are stunning and she was extremely fast with producing the edited proofs.  We had a few sneak peaks on the same day as the shoot.  We love the photos so much that we are going back for a milestone session in a few weeks

Gemma and Louis posted a review on Baby Shoots stating:

“When we were able to view the finished product, I actually had tears in my eyes. The images far exceeded expectations and are simply stunning. They even managed to make my sons head look a normal shape with their fab editing skills.”


The parents have spoken!

I hope that in this article, I was able to help encourage you to get your baby’s photos taken.

Newborn photography may be expensive and it may eat up your time but the photos that you get are ones that you will definitely cherish forever!


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