10 Reasons Why You Should Have a Graduation Photoshoot

There are certain moments in life that deserves to be celebrated and captured – graduation is definitely one of them!

Sure, since graduation season is a busy time for students. Between finalising last-minute assignments, shopping for graduation day clothes, to arranging the family celebration of your graduation, having a graduation photoshoot can sometimes be overlooked.

Granted, graduation photoshoots can be pricey, and yes, having a photoshoot means setting aside more time in your already hectic schedule. That said, graduation photoshoots are definitely worth it.

If you still need convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should say yes to a graduation photoshoot.

 That said, if you are already convinced that you want to do this and are currently looking for good studios that take amazing photos, here is a list of 7 of the best graduation photoshoot studios in Singapore.

Now, onto the reasons!

1) It’s a gift to yourself

A graduation photoshoot can be a commemoration and a celebration of your hard work! From years of balancing classes, extracurricular activities, hanging out with friends, and being an amazing child to your parents, you have more than earned the right to celebrate your forthcoming graduation through a photoshoot. So, treat yourself to a fun and creative photo shoot that celebrates you and your achievement!

2) It can be a gift to your parents

Your parents have been there for you since you were born. They have been your sources of love and support. It is no secret that studying can be expensive, yet, your parents had given everything to see you graduate from school. As such, graduation photos can be a personal way to thank your parents and anyone else that had helped you throughout your academic journey. Graduation is not only for you, it’s also for your parents. For sure, seeing your graduation photos will give your parents a feeling of pride and joy.

3) You can do it with friends

You and your graduating friends can hang out and make the photo shoot a day of fun! You will likely all be going your separate ways soon, so, take advantage of your time together and create some fun memories. It can also be a great way to create a keepsake you’ll all admire for years to come.

4) Relive cherished graduation memories, without the crowd

While taking photos of the actual graduation ceremony is great, since it is a large-scale event, hundreds of students and parents are also trying to take photos. Make the event more intimate and personalised through a photoshoot. In addition, you can recreate this special moment with your family to make it even more special!

5) Can be an excuse to update the family photo

When was the last time your whole family managed to get a nice photo together? Take the opportunity to dress your best and take some new photos with your loved ones. Your graduation can be a great chance to bring the family together for a photo. The photos will do wonders to spruce up your living spaces as well.

6) It can be a gift to family members

While a graduation is a celebration of you, it is also a time to give back to those who’ve helped you get where you are today. Basically, graduation photos can be a great war to involve people who helped you through your academic journey, especially those who couldn’t attend your graduation day. These photos can serve as a “thank you” to those who motivated you.

7) It is Instagram-worthy!

Let’s be real, we try our best to curate our Instagram feed so many would follow us or many would like our posts. Hey, everyone gets a little confidence boost when our post gets tons of likes. A graduation photoshoot will definitely provide you with tons of amazing pictures of yourself that you can share on social media.

8) We take nice photos for granted

Having a camera on our phones and at the touch of our fingertips at any second does not allow us to appreciate how important it is to document these memories more than just on someone’s phone. Graduations do not come often. So, if you can carve out the time and shell out a little cash, have a photoshoot to commemorate the special occasion. 

9) Your photos can double as professional headshots

If you are graduating from college, it is important to have a good headshot. You can use it for your LinkedIn profile or your resume. Also, a senior photoshoot is a perfect way to get the next profile picture that isn’t just some selfie you took on a good hair day.

10) Graduation is a big achievement!

This is your “I made it” moment!

Once this moment is gone, it can never come back. By having a photoshoot, you get to capture the moment. You see, a picture speaks way more than a thousand words – it encapsulates a treasured moment in time. Memorialise this moment forever.


Graduation is a special moment. For some, it may signal the end of their studies but it is not the end of learning and achieving. You got to achieve more things in life, but before that don’t let the celebration go unnoticed. Celebrate! Celebrate for yourself, your family, and for anyone who has helped you along the way.



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