10 Common Myths About Aircon Deep Cleaning

Aircon Deep Cleaning

Whenever we clean and maintain our house, one appliance always gets neglected—the air conditioner.

Many homeowners fail to realise that air conditioners also need a thorough cleanse, a deep clean.

Sure, some of them give their aircon a wipe or two from time to time but that is not enough.

As such, a deep cleaning of your cooling units is essential.

That said, you might be asking, what entails a deep clean? When should I get it cleaned? Is it really worth the money?

Well, I got the information for you!

On top of that, I would be debunking the usual myths surrounding the topic so you won’t make/believe the same myths and misconceptions.

What is Aircon Deep Cleaning?

Before we dive into the myths, let’s first talk about what aircon deep cleaning is.

Air conditioner deep cleaning, often referred to as a chemical wash, is a thorough cleaning process that involves disassembling the aircon unit and cleaning its individual components using specially formulated chemical solutions.

This process involves the following steps:

  1. The technicians will disassemble your unit to be able to clear the filters, front panels, cooling coils, and drainage devices.
  2. Then, they will start to chemically wash your units by soaking the various components in a cleaning solution. This solution is able to eliminate any dirt, mould, and grime stuck in your unit. It will also disinfect your unit by killing any bacteria.
  3. Next, they will unclog and clean the drainage system as a clogged drain can cause water leaks that can potentially destroy your property or your unit.
  4. The technician will also soak the evaporator coils and air filters in a chemical solution. These parts are usually filled with dust, dirt, and bacteria. Soaking and cleaning them can improve the air quality and the efficiency and performance of your unit.
  5. Once all the components are clean and dry, the technicians will reassemble the unit.
  6. Then, they will test the refrigerant levels system performance to ensure that everything is working well. They will also be on the lookout for any gas or water leaks and address them properly.
  7. Lastly, they will lubricate the moving parts of the unit to ensure smooth operation and reduce wear and tear.

Given the complexity of the job, it is important to perform this deep cleaning by professionals as they have to tools and training to perform this service safely and effectively.

Now, onto the myth-busting!

Myth#1: Regular Maintenance is Enough to Keep Your Aircon in Top Shape

False! Sure, regular maintenance is crucial, but it is unable to remove stubborn dirt, dust, and grime. It is also not enough to disinfect your unit. Regular maintenance can keep some parts clean like the air filters and drain pipes but if you want your system to perform efficiently and lengthen its lifespan, you need to do a deep clean.

Myth #2: A Deep Clean is Only Needed When There is a Malfunction

False! A common misconception about aircon units is that they only need to be deep cleaned when something is wrong. However, this is entirely wrong. In fact, if you wait until it malfunctions before you get it cleaned, you can be sure you’d have to pay higher costs as the price of repair compounds with the price of cleaning.

Remember the old adage “prevention is better than cure”? The same can be said with regard to taking care of your unit.

So, schedule regular deep cleans. Not only will they prolong your unit’s lifespan and keep it running efficiently but also, they can help identify potential issues early.

Myth #3: Deep Cleaning Doesn’t Affect Your Aircon’s Performance

This is false. Some people assume that deep cleaning won’t significantly affect your aircon’s performance, but, as I have been saying above, deep cleaning can help make your unit perform much more efficiently.

The more you use your aircon, the more it collects dust and grime. Those can affect the efficiency of your unit. Likewise, they can be a breeding ground for bacteria. So, better schedule those cleanings!

Myth #4: Deep Cleaning Can Be Done at Home Without Professional Help

This can be both true and false.

It can be true only if you have done your research about which products to use or which parts to clean. If you’ve done your homework, then, it is possible that you can do it at home. That said, if you do opt to do it, make sure you do it with care and precision. Aircon units have some finicky parts that you need to take care of such as the fins.  So, make sure to take your time when you clean them. Make sure to wear the right clothing and use the right tools to keep you safe.

On the other hand, it can be false, especially if you know nothing about your air conditioning units. Then, better leave the deep cleaning to the professionals. They have the skills, equipment, and knowledge to do the job effectively.

Myth #5: All Air Conditioners Require Deep Cleaning at the Same Frequency

This is not true. The frequency of deep cleaning will depend on various factors. For example, if you are using an old unit heavily, then you must get it cleaned frequently. You should also take into consideration what type of unit they are (window-mounted, split type, ducted etc.) and where are they placed, is it in a residential or commercial unit? Those factors affect the frequency of the deep cleaning needed by your aircon.

Myth #6: Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning is a Waste of Money

This is also false. Sure, the expense might be high upfront but the long-term benefits will far outweigh that. This is because, through deep cleaning, the units’ efficiency will be improved. Likewise, cleaning would reduce energy consumption. In addition, it will minimise the risk of any costly repairs or replacements in the future.

As such, deep cleaning is definitely a good investment.

Myth #7: Deep Cleaning Can Damage Your System

This is not true. For starters, if the cleaning was done by a professional, you can be assured that no damage will be inflicted on your unit. In fact, rather than damage, it will enhance the health of your air conditioner.

That said, if you did the cleaning by yourself or you paid a professional but not from a reputable company, then, that would increase the chances that your unit will get damaged.

To prevent this, make sure you do your homework if you will do the cleaning by yourself or you get a professional from a reputable company to ensure that your system will be safe.

 Myth #8: Deep Cleaning is Not Necessary for New Air Conditioners

Let’s be real, if your unit is brand new, of course, you won’t need it deep cleaned. But if it had been used for the last six months or so, deep cleaning can and should be done.

Even new units can accumulate dust and debris that can hamper their performance over time. So, to prevent any wear and tear, make sure to get your air conditioner deep cleaned.

Myth #9: Frequent Deep Cleaning is Only Necessary for Hot Climates/Seasons

Sure, your unit will not be used as much if the season is a bit colder or you live in countries with cold climates. With this, you might think that since it hasn’t been used as much, it wouldn’t get that dirty. However, this is wrong. Dirt and dust can still accumulate in your system. Thus, necessitates deep cleaning.

Myth #10: Air Conditioner Deep Cleaning Affects Indoor Air Quality

This is true. Deep cleaning can significantly improve indoor air quality. In fact, research says that air conditioners can help reduce indoor air pollution and improve cardiovascular health. Basically, since deep cleaning removes dirt, mould, and bacteria from your systems, it prevents these contaminants from circulating in your home.


Hopefully, as I’ve dispelled these myths about air conditioner deep cleaning, you can make an informed decision about your unit’s maintenance.

So, I hope you make the right decision and get your aircon deep cleaned!



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